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A Morning In the Life Of This Housespouse…

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I originally wrote this August 13, 2018,for my ManHusbandDad blog. It is re-published here as we refer to it in Episode 69 of On The Road To Perfection – It’s All In The Little Things.

It’s August 13, Monday morning in the Cowles household. I quickly got the sense it would be “one of those days.” Meaning, the same as every other day. What you are about to read is real. The events and tasks change from day-to-day to maintain my insanity. My 9th year as the primary home schooler and HouseSpouse begins…

1. 8AM wake up an hour late but on purpose: Mama worked this weekend so she gets to go in a little late this morning and come home a little early. YAY!
2. 8:37 AM Go downstairs
3. Fill dog’s water bowl
4. Take Mama to work
5. Ask Mama what meat to get out of freezer for dinner
6. *Mama says pick something, no menu this week while younger kids are at grandparents’ house
7. Go get my coke to officially start my work day
8. Pass someone going 20 MPH on Carter Creek, which is 30 MPH zone. Is speed limit too much to ask? Maybe they haven’t gotten home from Sunday driving…
9. Move fan from garage to patio, anticipating working outside once I get to actually work
10. Let dog out
11. Empty five gallons from drip bucket from sofit drain-off of A/C condenser. Which tree gets it this time?
12. Replace drip bucket and estimate 3PM for next five gallon emptying
13. Let dog in
14. Open Thank You card from friends’ daughter, share with Heir Apparent
15. **Ask Heir Apparent what his choice for meat for dinner is. He says pork
16. Let dog out
17. *Get out 16′ ladder
18. *Remove torn American Flag from 20′ up on house exterior
19. *Respectfully store flag for proper disposal
20. *Put away 16′ ladder
21. Let dog in
22. *Get only pork we have out of chest freezer. It’s a rack St. Louis ribs.
23. *Text Mama that I do not feel like grilling tonight. Ribs are on her since she gets done early today
24. *Fill dog’s auto-feeder
25. *Sweep up dog food spilled while filling auto-feeder
26. *Raise blinds in entire downstairs
27. Give dog her medicine, note level of peanut butter jar
28. Let dog out
29. Empty dishwasher, put away dishes
30. Put dishes in dishwasher
31. **Put card Heir Apparent left on butcher’s block on fridge
32. ^Mutter to myself
33. Take a swig of the diet Coke I bought at the convenience store 90 minutes ago, mostly to note how much I have drunk and estimate when next trip to convenience store will be. This is turning into a two coke day.
34. Remove laptop to patio table, along with diet Coke.
35. *Throw away biodegradable pots that have been sitting on my table for two months waiting for someone to throw them away, even though the trash can is closer to where they were than the table is.
36. *Hey, the missing cookie sheet was underneath the pots!
37. *Clean the missing cookie sheet.
38. *Decide missing cookie sheet is no longer useful for food but will be great in my garage
39. Put missing cookie sheet in garage, mentally noting that I am creating more work for myself having to find a suitable place for it this coming weekend
40. Check email from weekend. Usual financial balance stuff. Reminds me to make changes. Looks like another asterisk coming. No client emails.
41. #*Oh, poop! Did I return the Asterix books and other stuff to the library Friday?
42. *Yes. Whew!
43. *Replenish toilet paper in downstairs bathroom
44. Have, um, morning constitutional
45. *IT’S 10:43 ALREADY!
46. Let dog in
47. Fill out McDonald’s survey from receipts in the off-chance we might actually go again. 2 for 1 Qtr Cheese if I tell them how bad their service is.
48. Search for and put on shopping lists items discovered this weekend that need purchasing/replenishing
49. Get to work actually earning money.
50. 11:17 AM I’m hungry. And this is why I do not eat breakfast and usually do not eat lunch until 2PM. If I do eat before then, it will be a ramen cup to tide me over since it only takes 2:08 in the microwave, but then it will be enough that I forget to eat lunch until dinner is being prepped. SoI snack while prepping dinner, knowing that will help me minimize what I eat at dinner so the children can have all they want, and then around 10PM I’ll really be hungry and go for the snack drawer. I don’t eat now because I remember:
51. Oh, crap…two things planned for every Monday morning are not done yet: Need to organize/file photos from this past week on phone so that does not pile up; need to pay/make sure bank is auto paying bills and see how much money we have drained from the checking account this weekend so I can know when to tell Mama “no” on everything until Friday
52. Guess I will actually get to work after 1PM today…which is pretty early day. Might mean I can get to bed before 1AM tonight…but not likely.
53. Remember that three months ago my Spiritual Advisor ordered me to go on a three-day recharge retreat before the beginning of July. Laugh at the prospect of that every happening – this place would fall apart if today’s average list is any barometer
54. 11:39 AM diet Coke from convenience store is empty
55. Mutter to myself.


*Mentally add this to my “Wasn’t on my plan but needs to be done today list”
**Wasn’t on my agenda today
^While not planned, this is expected and usually begins about now
#This would be the one thing not done that Boyz would be mad about and wonder what I do all day

NOTE: Two of the three children are not even in town, and this is summer – before all the crazy school-year stuff happens.

How’s your day going?


It is 4:18 Pm. Just picked up Mama at work – woohoo! About to get started on my work day… You don’t wanna know about my afternoon. You either live it or don’t understand it. Here’s to all the HouseSpouses!

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