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Adult Theology Course Registering Now: The Revelation of Christ in Scripture

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I am excited to announce the first of four Theology courses that Holy Owned and Operated is offering this year!

The Revelation of Christ in Scripture is being taught by my lovely bride, Professor Beth Cowles, and registration is now open through February 2nd. The class starts on February 4th and is once a week from 7pm to 8pm Thursdays. It is an adult-level course.

This course is designed to invite you to find and understand your purpose as a son or daughter of God and to live that purpose – to love and be loved by God and to live His love in the world around you.

Beth goes about helping you discover this purpose by exploring Divine Revelation in Scripture with you. And this is Scripture from “…in the beginning” to the “…amen-d” – Genesis to Revelation. The lessons are meant to increase your knowledge of WHO Jesus Christ is, HOW He can be part of your life, and WHY He desires to be so.

I love how Beth teaches! You cannot help but grow intellectually and spiritually, and your relationship with Jesus and the Catholic community will bloom as Spring brings new life to our world.

Revelation of Christ in Scripture is a 15-week course done over Zoom. One hour a week that will enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones forever.

Now, I’m the IT guy/producer of this course, so I have to limit the seats to 20 or else it could get wonky.


Which means there are only 18 seats left. We are prepared to open another section if there are five or more people who cannot make the Thursday section or have some other circumstance – if you are in a parish or a DRE and want to sign up a group of parents or catechists, contact us and we will work something out.

Registration closes at 7pm on February 2nd. Forty days after Christmas Day. The Feast of the Presentation of The Lord. Candlemas. The Feast of the Purification fo the Virgin. The Meeting of The Lord. Groundhog Day. However you call it, that’s a day to remember, because registration closes.

The course is really inexpensive, has companion textbooks if you want to use them, but if you don’t, all you need is a Bible and a Catechism. The registration page has all those details, but here is a preview of the optional textbook:

Beth is in super-hot demand as Holy Owned and Operated has cranked up our content output, with over 270 families registered on the web site and more coming all the time. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from her the way God intended her to practice her professional vocation – helping YOU grow in your Catholic Faith!

Go here to register! Bring a friend! If you have questions, contact us or drop us a note in the comments below.

See the registration page for everything about Beth and her qualifications, including her CV. Beth is a contracted instructor with the Diocese of Austin and an Adjunct Professor at Franciscan University. Trust me, you want in on this before the seats are all gone! There’s no wonder I do not mind being called Mr. Beth Cowles!

The follow-up companion course is Sacred Scripture – an in-depth look at the entirety of Salvation History as presented in Sacred Scripture. That will be rolling out later this year!

Got a question about the course?
Wanna chime in on how awesome Beth is at teaching?

Let me know below!


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Kristofer Cowles, MHD

Kristofer Cowles, MHD

HOO™ Co-Founder | Director of Catechetical Content | Catechist

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