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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 118: All Saints Day

All Saints Day is the day we celebrate the lives of all of the Saints, and the gift they are to us. But why? What is so important about having a generic day to celebrate people we don’t know about? Don’t we already have a day for the “famous” saints? Beth and Kristofer explain why Catholics make it a point to celebrate the lives of the Holy Men and Women in Heaven.

It is important to celebrate and remember those who have entered the Beatific Vision. They all have strong connections to God. And Saint Robert Who We Do Not Even Know shares the same reward as Saint Anthony of Padua. Beth reminds us to pray to not just the “great” saints, but also the “every man” saint, and aspire to be like those in heaven, even if we don’t know them, or know of them.

Not only do we pray for our loved ones who have gone before us, but we can also ask them to pray for us! God is beyond time, and we do not know what lies beyond life except for that which has been revealed to us by God through Scripture. Some of our relatives may be in heaven, and it never hurts to ask! It is not pretentious to pray both for and to our deceased loved ones, and this will be explored more next week.


Here is our Saints Podcast;
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