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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 115: Angels

Angels we have heard on high! Or at least heard of from on high. This episode includes an interruption by the demons from the start – so much so we had to re-record! Calling out Lucifer, we jump right into giving the etymology of the word “angel,” defining their perfection in true HOO manner. We talk about the type of beings angels are as well as the type of doing that they do. We discuss their wings, their appearance in scripture, and their history in art. We even talk about how they are revealed to us, and answer the question about naming your Guardian Angel. If you ever wondered how they interact with the demons, Kristofer describes it in a way his party DJ experience can relate to. Need a bouncer? Oh, and Beth throws a music reference at Kristofer that he doesn’t get right away!

As we walk along, we cover the timelessness and timeliness of these beings. We talk about, over the car alarm, what bad angels are and why they are bad angels. And then give reason for their inability to repent of being bad angels.

You never knew so much could be known about angels, and we don’t even cover it all in a mere twenty minutes!

Here you get the lowdown, complete with Indiana Jones quotes and an understanding of who the Archangels are (at least the ones we know), where you can read about them in scripture, and what those cute little cherubim and seraphim actually do – harps notwithstanding!

It’s a discussion of Heaven and Hell that has room for John Cleese, and C. S. Lewis, and a dose of 4000 years of history. All so we can prepare for the Feasts of the Archangels – TODAY – and Guardian Angels right around the corner.

So, no, you do not earn your wings when you die. But you earn your wings when you listen to this episode – it’s just a lot of fun! What else would angels be? Well, at least the good ones…

And wait for it: Beth has a mic drop moment right as the timer goes off!

Here are the prayer resources Beth mentions.
You can learn about each of the Angel’s descriptions from Scripture Catholic.