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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 51: Anniversary Episode

The anniversary is here! In this episode Mama and Daddy cover some of the ups and downs of the last year. They, and the rest of us, have learned a lot in the podcast arena as well as in content production and building a community, teaching the faith online, and even selling a few items. And not to mention getting into the n-tty-gritty on how to fundraise – and tell you how much we’ve raised!

Mama and Daddy also remind you that we have multiple blog articles available on our Letters Home page – over 120, with another 100+ in production! The remind you to keep a lookout for our Fall Classes. Also, sign up early for FAR OUT IV! It is an awesome experience your preteen will not forget! I haven’t forgotten it! Our YouTube channel will be up and running soon, too!

Talk the Walk with Kristofer & Beth & everybody else. Join the conversation.

Be a part of the discussion and get the Links and Resources mentioned in this episode, and others as we add them during the ongoing discussion:

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