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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 168: Asking The Dead To Pray For Us

Asking the dead to pray for us can be a bit discomforting. It can seem blasphemous, useless, or silly superstition.

But asking the dead to pray for us makes absolute perfect sense when we consider the belief that “we are all one body” and that body does not have separate, disparate parts that exist away from each other.

Except for those who purposefully choose to separate themselves from the body and are committed of their own free will to the perils of eternal existence in Hell, the Church Militant – the body here on earth – can pray for the Church Suffering – those in Purgatory – and to the Church Triumphant – the Saints. And just as we can pray for others, we can ask them to pray for us.

Asking the dead to pray for us in an efficacious pursuit for all involved. It helps us remember those who influenced us and emulate the way they lived that God wants us to take from their lives and not only make our lives better because of it, but the lives of those around us, too.

It is easier to relate to the dead we know. Most declared saints we do not know, but those who have died whom we know are more relatable, and asking the dead to pray for us is more intimate, personal, and allows us to continue the relationship with them

Asking the dead to pray for us leads us to reconciliation and forgiveness with, for, and from the dead.

And that’s a good thing.

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