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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 166: Being On The Road To Perfection

We are called to be perfect, as we discussed last week. So, what does being on the road to perfection look like? If Jesus was “finished” and his ministry was “completed,” as it means when He said, “It is done,” by saying, “It is perfected” just before He died on the Cross, He must have walked a road to perfection. And so must we. In this episode we discuss that concept, in terms of what we are doing and how we respond to the call for our life. It’s a simple concept, and a difficult task, but we have the example of Our Lord which, from the proper perspective, is not an impossible example to follow and exemplify.

How we endure the sufferings of life – how we take up our Cross – is paramount to walking on the road to perfection. Do we respond with faith, hope, and charity? Do we accept our cross that we must bear, or do we spend our entire life trying to change the cross – our being? Spending time understanding and discerning that the cross we must bear is there for our perfection, instead of deciding we are going to ignore it or refuse to acknowledge it, allows us to see more clearly the road to perfection for us.

Our being is who God created us to be. God does not make mistakes. If we are debilitated by a chronic illness, have permanent attractions that are contrary to marital procreation, are feeling trapped within a sex with which we do not identify, or any of a myriad of states of being, we have to discern the why so we can understand the being, and not spend our entire lives denying that which God has ordained. Instead, we should discern what He ordains us to DO with that being.

Are we so distracted by changing our being that we do not do what we should be doing? How many diseases are un-eradicated because talent that God gave someone was not realized as they were distracted by something they were changing about the being that God called them to be?

Kristofer provides explicit example about his own being on the road to perfection and the extreme cognitive dissonance he encountered in his early forties as he finally discerned his true being. A being that he did not like, fought against, and even told his family he hated it – but he DID like it because it is The Lord’s will. Being on the road to perfection brings peace, and this episode covers how to do – and be – that!

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