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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 165: Being Perfect

Being Perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect is a daunting idea! Starting from the beginning, when we first launched the podcast, we talk about Jesus’ use of the word “perfect” in Matthew 5:48, its Greek etymology, and His use of the same word only one other place in His ministry – when He is dying on the Cross. Being Perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect is to be who we are supposed to be, just as God is Who He is supposed to be. So how do we BE perfect? Glad you asked. The answer is here!

We talk extensively about the peace and freedom that come with being perfect. Life is simpler, though probably not easier, when we are being who we are supposed to be. Going through life telling God who we are, instead of aligning our lives with His will, is a constant struggle. So, we break down what being perfect is for each of us, and how we can make that come about.

Kristofer gives a concrete example of his discernment of who he is supposed to be when he was in his early 40s. It is never too late!

Remember, being perfect is not doing perfect. Perfection in its doing is difficult, though only attainable if we are who we are supposed to be. The saints were perfected and perfected themselves throughout their lives – the perfect they were supposed to be – but it would be difficult to claim that they always did things perfectly. That’s the nature of our fallen world and our fallen nature. The Church does not declare a person in Heaven immediately after death – we can presume there was still some purgation necessary!

Discernment of being who we are supposed to be is the only path to being perfect – we do not just fall into it and, in fact, get in our own way – and God’s – if we are constantly telling God who we are supposed to be (or not even having that conversation with Him) instead of letting Him tell us who we are supposed to be…and following through with being that!

This episode is a summary of our teachings throughout the last three years, since we launched the podcast. Being perfect is a state of being, of course, and it is a way of life. God does not make mistakes, so the way we live our lives and who we are is what creates our imperfections. If that is the case, then we can also correct those and be perfect – be who we are supposed to be.

We use examples from our own lives that were mid-course corrections

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