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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 95: Caring For Our Earthly Home

One of the seven social teachings of the Catholic Church, caring for our earthly home is intimately connected to every part of our life. After quoting an 80s video game and Monty Python, Beth and Kristofer dive into this topic with Kristofer making sure everyone knows he is not a tree hugger. Then they go on identifying birds and trees as they walk by. Well, the topic is what the topic is – and they do answer the question we all have about that environment issue. Yeah, that one.

Noting that Adam and Eve were placed to tend to the Garden of Eden, it seems pretty clear we are supposed to take care of things on our planet – our home. We are responsible for our home, and though we are not owners of the earth, we are tenants expected to take care of things for the Landlord – God.

We have been given dominion and stewardship, and should not kill the goose that laid the golden egg, yet also not be militant or violent toward others who may be treating the planet poorly. After all, those humans need stewardship and informing and admonishing – but not mistreatment.

Animals are not people, too, it is succinctly pointed out and then discussed compassionately.

Quoting Rich Devos from more than fifty years ago, Kristofer states the obvious, and then claims the episode should have been started with that, and then the next twenty minutes left blank.

We did not do that!

We do not need preaching, and we do not need to be environmental wackos. And we do not need to be guilted or made to feel guilty. We need to be stewards who care for our earthy home for our Landlord. Paying attention to the splinter in our own eye would be a good start.

The theology of the social justice teachings of the Church are that God created us and everything else out of love, and we are called to love like God does. So, it is socially just to care for our earthly home.

It’s really a matter of the Golden Rule. And Kristofer quoting a bumper sticker absolutely wrong! But the whole topic caught him off-guard…