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The LORD Has Revealed to the Nations His Saving Power

The LORD Has Revealed to the Nations His Saving Power

Worms in Heaven? WHAT?!?!

How did it feel to have God break up with you, sorta? What did Jews feel, or did they consider, when Jesus opened up Heaven for those who “fear him and act uprightly,” as Peter says in the first reading this week?

This week, we try to understand that feeling so that we can understand the precious gift we have in our relationship with God and His presence in the Eucharist – and how easily we can find ourselves feeling abandoned by God when it is us who are abandoning Him constantly in this world of exile.

Maybe we are the worms…

Oh! And May the Fourth be with you!

Glorify The Lord By Your Life

Glorify The Lord By Your Life

This week we learn about the three parts of being a Disciple. These are simple to explain to children, and practice ourselves.

It doesn’t require anything of us that we aren’t already. Being a Disciple is us being and doing who and what we are, and glorifying The Lord by that life which He gave us.

Also this week, we have a podcast episode connected with this week’s readings that is fun and interactive that the whole family can listen to as a refresher on How to Be a Disciple.

Filled With The Holy Spirit

Filled With The Holy Spirit

How does the man who denied Jesus three times at the hour of Our Lord’s greatest need for a friend have the guts to stand up to the same people who killed his Master?

The Holy Spirit.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the Apostles after His resurrection and – WOW! – they could not be stopped! When once they cowered, they now speak to power with convicted Truth, eventually bringing down the mighty and evil Roman Empire.

Why don’t we? Jesus has sent this same Advocate to us.

TWFT is all about us having the same – the exact same – power that Peter uses in this week’s first reading. There is a pretty hefty activity for the family, mostly because it involves honesty and leadership on the parents’ part, and there is even a handy wall poster for bedrooms and the refrigerator – just as a reminder!

All of us are filled with the Holy Spirit. See This Week’s Free Thing to learn what to do with Him!

Are We Sure We Know Jesus?

Are We Sure We Know Jesus?


St. John, the Beloved Disciple, says we are liars if we say we love Jesus but do not act according to His commandments.

How does that work with our sinful nature, our fallen state?

This week we explore a part of the readings your homilist may skip – which gives parents a great opportunity to minister to their children. And..ahem…themselves!

To Each According to Need

To Each According to Need

The first reading can be a bit confusing. Are we supposed to sell everything we have and give it to the Church so that the bishops can distribute it evenly among everybody?

That sounds a bit like a failed economic system, so what does St. Luke mean when he writes that people sold their homes and property and gave the money to the apostles, who distributed it according to need?

This Week’s Free Thing is a great, easy primer on early Church socio-economics, with an easy activity to explain it to the kids – and a great way to show how God wants us to share!

Plus, some handy links to Stewardship, and for the curious, there are some resources on that great Catholic Idea, Distributism, which developed in part from the Acts of the Apostles.

To Each According to Need

The Catholic Idea of Distributism

Just the word made a Capitalist like me shiver…but knowing what it means actually puts a word to what you have been thinking all your life…

We’re talking personal responsibility, property ownership, right-to-work and follow your dreams in a socio-economic system that makes sense – and works everywhere it is tried.

It’s Capitalism without the monopolies or government cronyism. It’s making sure that he who WON’T work won’t eat, but ensuring that he who CAN’T work does eat.