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1st Week of Lent – 40 Days In The Desert

1st Week of Lent – 40 Days In The Desert

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, and that is our model for Lent. Can we spend 40 days there? Yes – and here’s everything you need to do it!

Just add one thing: Jesus!

Whether your first Lent or you want to make this the most meaningful yet; or want to help your loved ones really get into it, this short message gets you going and sticks with you.

The short reflection, discussion, and activity for all ages gives simple yet powerful guidance on not just starting our Lenten journey, but finishing it.

And really check out the activity. We guarantee you’ve never done it before, and we’re pretty sure you’ll recognize how powerful this simple thing can be for this and every Lent!

Words Matter

Words Matter

While we know they do not do what sticks and stones do, words matter a lot because they do much more.

Why else would the God of the Universe, Jesus, be The Word?

This week is a great opportunity to have some frank discussions as a family with the words of Jesus as the backdrop and discussion starter.

Spread the word that words matter! Starting with your loved ones…

Ash Wednesday: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Ash Wednesday: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

This year, Ash Wednesday is taught to us by Jesus Himself!

Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are important parts of Catholic life, and they are the three pillars of Lent. But how do we DO them?

And how do we remain accountable and lead our family on this wonderful day that kicks off forty amazing days of life-changing observance, celebration, and growth?

In this special addition to our TWMWU for Year C, we dive in deep with one short page of reflection, discussion, and activity.

Can you spare five minutes for making this a meaningful Ash Wednesday? C’mon…give it a shot!

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Enemies

As Catholics, we talk a lot about loving our neighbor. But there is a group of neighbors we only give lip-service to when it comes to that love. This week, Jesus calls us on it: Love your enemies.

Enemies. We all have them. Presumed, known, and unknown. Worse yet and more in our control – we are others’ enemy.

This week it’s all about the uncomfortable – Jesus specifically commanding us to love and pray for our enemies. Take a moment with this simple and short Mass Warm-Up to reflect on how less-stressed and joy-filled your life would be if you genuinely forgave your enemies. It’s a peculiar sensation.

How different would our lives and those of our children and future generations be if we did that? How different would the world be if the entire Church forgave our enemies in our Universal Prayer every week?

Jesus calls us to forgive our enemies this week, and tells us what happens if we do…and if we don’t. When was the last time we did?

A short reflection, some deep discussion questions, and a simple activity for our hearts and minds are This Week’s Mass Warm-Up offering. Plus, a bonus activity involving your priest – if you have the guts.

Blessed Are We

Blessed Are We

How blessed are we? Jesus uses his stump speech this week in the lesser known Sermon on the Plain to tell us.

This week, we learn a little history and a little more than we might like when Jesus starts talking about the woe we may be in for!

The discussion questions are a bit more probing than may be comfortable, and our activity gets us out into the neighborhood for a little soul-searching.

As a bonus: We have some free Valentine Cards for you to download if you get far enough down the page!

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men

What does it mean to be a Fisher of Men?

It’s a great analogy…or is it? Jesus calls all of us to cast a wide net and be great bait.

What? Bait?

This week we dive into the fishing waters of Catholicism based on the Gospel reading coming up.

Are you a good fisher? What kind of bait are you?

These and other questions are addressed and the activity is one that take courage – and Love!

Are you up to the challenge? Grab your fishing pole!