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Lust And Love – Episode 133

Lust And Love – Episode 133

What is the difference between lust and love?

During this “season of Valentines” Beth and Kristofer cover this (often unknowingly) confusing and vitally important topic before we dive headlong into the pink and roses and hearts and whatnot.

Beth and Kristofer share how to tell the difference between lust and love, and how to teach that to impressionable minds and hearts.

And they do this in the context of Mortal Sin and Theological Virtue: Lust and Love, respectively.

They also, right out of the gate, point to Nick’s seven-part series about Love as a great resource on our web site for this discussion, which is linked to in the show notes.

Living in this world, but not of it, is difficult, and Beth and Kristofer offer us some pointers on how to do that, particularly in this day and age.

And, no, there is no inappropriate or “parental discretion advised” content in this episode.

But they do get attacked by a tree!

Solidarity With The Church – Episode 132

Solidarity With The Church – Episode 132

After going over their Frustrations With The Church in an earlier episode, Beth and Kristofer now explain Solidarity With The Church.

What exactly does that mean?

How can we know if we are in solidarity with the Church?

Beth and Kristofer dive into the relationship we should have with the Church and by extension our relationship to and with Jesus.

Unity with the Magisterium is important and Job One at Holy Owned and Operated and in the Cowles Family.

So how do we reconcile those frustrations with solidarity?

It’s all about Family…

As a bonus, you get to hear our new washing machine and dryer, and Kristofer sings a thirty year old commercial for a local appliance store.

Fun stuff!

It Works! – Episode 131

It Works! – Episode 131

With a great sigh of relief and near shouts of joy, we share a wonderful discovery:

What we have been practicing for decades, talking about in the last 130 episodes, and teaching for years actually works for others, too!

This discovery – and edification – comes after spending a recent weekend with two listeners (and HOO supporters), and their children.

Encountering and experiencing Betty and Archie’s Catholic faith in action and infused in their parenting, daily living, and lifestyle,

The Boyz and we saw it in full effect in a family and situation very different from ours.

But the universality of the Catholic faith, honestly and purposefully practiced – still works!

It produces the same results that we have worked hard for in our family, applied to a vastly different situation.


Frustrations With The Church – Episode 130

Frustrations With The Church – Episode 130

Starting with the God-given right we have as outlined in Canon Law, in this delicate topic,

Beth and Kristofer discuss their frustrations with the Church, from the misuse of liturgy to the administration of the Church.

But this is not a gripe session on this rainy and windy day; they explain the canon law, historical, pastoral and liturgical context behind their beefs and want to help us be more aware of what might be going on at our own parish.

Kristofer breaks down what is the source of the failures of the Church Militant, while Beth goes into detail on who should be administrating the parish itself.

It was a windy day; we are solving the problems it creates in our audio quality.

Relying On The Holy Family – Episode 129

Relying On The Holy Family – Episode 129

In the day-to-day struggles of raising a family, let alone a holy family, and living in a sinful world, we have to Rely On The Holy Family for support and guidance.

But how often do we think of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary together as the basic unit of society – a family?

Beth and Kristofer share insights into how they relate with and rely on the Holy Family and what the importance of The Holy Family is in our lives raising children and taking care of a family.

Kristofer opens up and shares a lot about his relationship with Joseph, which will be useful for Husbands and Dads.

Taking Kids to Mass – Age 7 and Above – Episode 128

Taking Kids to Mass – Age 7 and Above – Episode 128

How do we take kids to Mass after they have achieved the Age of Reason; after they’ve received First Communion?

Beth and Kristofer talk about how to help our newly enlightened children better understand the Mass.

They talk about their own trials and errors and explain the need and importance of taking these children to Mass.

This episode fits with the episodes from early in our production that addressed younger children and teenagers at Mass, and how to approach those situations.

Sorry we left out the middle child for so long!