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Jesus Feeds Us From Our Offerings

Jesus Feeds Us From Our Offerings

When we do our part, God multiplies it beyond our imagination.

Jesus feeds us from our offerings by taking what is our gift to Him and giving it to others.

This week we explore the multiplying of the loaves and fishes, seeing how it is foretold in the 2 Kings and discussing Paul’s teaching on how to live like Jesus.

Our activity this week is a Lord’s Day Celebration. A perfect way to prepare for Mass, and making mealtime so much more meaningful and drawing the family closer together.

Lord’s Day Celebration

Lord’s Day Celebration

The Lord’s Day Celebration is a great way to add Jesus to your family meal once a week, in preparation for Mass.

This simple celebration brings the family closer to God and each other in a short ritual that gives parents a way to integrate faithful living into a time when all the family is gathered and ready, and provides opportunity for everyone to participate.

Give your family and yourself this gift and watch their and your faith life grow quickly and your relationships get closer.

As a bonus, there’s a quick and easy bread recipe included.

Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

Are we prepared to be Disciples and Prophets?

This week we discuss Amos and his hesitation, Paul and the Kerygma, and how ready were the Apostles when Jesus sent him out for a little practice?

All of the readings point to preparation for evangelization, and how we should prepare not just for that but for everything in our lives by first relying on Our Lord.

And, or course, He is always preparing us. In the activity, which is a brief prayer, we get that opportunity to really see how He is preparing us.

Which makes the answer to the question a positive, resounding: Yes!

Come Away And Rest A While

Come Away And Rest A While

By Order of The King: You need a break!

Everybody knows about shepherds in the Bible – you cannot avoid them!

Why does God use these humble servants as examples, and what about the bad shepherds?

More importantly, why don’t we ever think of ourselves as shepherds of the little flock He has given us?

This week, we get sheepish on you, And give you a great, simple, yet powerful activity to do as The Lord says in his teaching this week: Come away and rest awhile.

Start by taking a three-minute break and reading up on the Mass lesson this week – then drive the flock somewhere. You’ll see…

We are Called to be Prophets

We are Called to be Prophets

You are a Prophet!

What? Don’t you wish you could tell the future! But to be a prophet is not about telling the future. Somewhere we all lost that definition of “prophet” and “prophecy”.

If you are a baptized Christian, you are a prophet – believe it or not!

In this week’s lesson, we see Ezekiel and Paul as they sacrifice to share the Truth. And we see Jesus fail to convert others, though He is sharing the Truth. He is sharing himself and some still do not believe!

Sound familiar?

The activity is a short discussion idea that is perfect for the dinner table. Or the car. And we learn a new word:


Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, Hope, and Love

Wisdom is hard to come by. It requires practicing the three Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love.

This week we dive into these virtues as we join Jesus in his ministry, healing the hemorrhaging woman and raising a girl from the dead.

These are touching stories that we can all relate to, and they show us Jesus’ humanity and his divinity, something the Apostles struggled with, and we still have trouble understanding.

We explore these concepts, these virtues, and wisdom, and have a fun family activity to help us remember these things throughout the week.