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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 70: Celebrating Advent

From Christmas Parties to the reason why one priest does not get invited to them anymore; to Prince Playing In The Sunshine; a sneak peek at Nick’s article about the meanings behind some of the traditions of the season; and a gazillion resources created by Holy Owned And Operated designed to help you focus on the New Year and the coming of Our Savior, this episode packs a lot into about 26 minutes! “Celebrating Advent” is not a usual term we hear, but it is a Liturgical Season we should celebrate, with more than an Advent Calendar. This week, we walk-and-talk about how it is celebrated and how we celebrate “Catholic Advent” amidst all the wind-up to Christmas.

But “Catholic Advent” is not quite right, since The Catholic Church came up with the season, and everybody else is copying us!

Advent is the beginning of the Liturgical Year – this year it is “Year C” to be exact – and that’s what we talk about: How Advent is celebrated in the Cowles family, three-foot-tall calendar included and so much more, to ring in the New Year!

And, to round things out, we talk about the color of the water and sky in St. Croix, and Kristofer deftly guesses the current temperature without even trying. There’s the Jesse Tree, Jesus Candles, and loads more!

On The Road To Perfection is a different kind of podcast, and this episode all about Celebrating Advent is no different as we walk in the Catholic Faith and share with you how we do our best to live it every day, pass it on to our children, and share it with others around the world. Take Adventage of this episode and share it with your family on the way to Church, Faith Formation Classes, doing chores around the house, or heading out for donuts, and see what ideas you come up with for starting the Christian New Year off with more than just the Advent Calendar. Let us know below how Advent is celebrated in your family – or how it will be celebrated after hearing our thoughts and looking over our resources – in the comments below!

See all of our Advent Resources here!