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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 52: Death

Death is a hard thing. But it is inevitable. We are taught to not fear death, but many of us still dread it. We fear that which we do not fully understand. However, as Christians, we have hope after death. We all long for heaven, and we spend our whole lives, whether nineteen years or ninety, working towards our ultimate destination. And we can only get off the bus at three destinations, Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. Most of us strive for heaven, and through God’s grace there is a place for ultimate purification for us non-martyrs.

I will not deny that death is hard. I have known people who have lived full lives and those who have ended their own lives before their time. Both are hard to take, and I hope to see them all in heaven someday. “Life moves on” is a lame trope. While life continues, we remember those who went before us, and mourn their passing. Death comes to us all, and we must be prepared for it. Death came to this world through Adam and Eve, who spent our inheritance as Dad said, which you can listen to in our Original Sin podcast.

This episode of On the Road to Perfection is dedicated to the memory of David Cooper (Born, February 6th, 1973, died June 8th, 2021), his wife, Susan, and their son, Cole.

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