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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 75: Discerning God’s Will – Part 2

From Discerning God’s Will – Part 1:

Discerning God’s Will is simple, but difficult. That’s a hard thing to swallow in and of itself. Why won’t God “give me a sign”? Why doesn’t God shout? Is it really simple? There’s a process for discernment. We must discern two things in our life: WHO does God want me to BE, and WHAT does God want me to DO? There are simple answers for each of us for those questions, and the doing comes after the being. Assuming we know WHO God wants us to BE, how do we discern WHAT He wants us to DO? We talk about a lot of ways of discerning The Lord’s Will. And we cover the idea of being a significant part of His Plan, though we never see it fully.

Part 2 may not be the conclusion but more an opening of Pandora’s Box. God’s Will pervades and infuses Beth and Kristofer’s lives and their life together, and, as Kristofer suggests in this episode, could be a whole series or season of podcasts….

This two-part topic is deep, yet barely scratches the surface, trying to get a grasp on what discerning is and why it is important. In this episode, we talk about the results and personal experience with proper discernment, but only one major example with many more to come.

In this episode, we delve into how you know it is God’s Will and not your own, and we give concrete examples. We also discuss the simple formula for being in God’s Will so that you can do God’s Will. And that formula is in the Bible – Jesus tells us point blank! Al Beth does is quote Him!

Limited in our social and cultural and musical references during this topic, you can tell how focused we are on this super-important question. We have one music reference (which is one more than Part 1!) and a couple of HOO links to which Beth refers us:

14:44 TWMWU Fourth Week of Advent: God’s Will Be Done
19:41 Infatuation – Rod Stewart
22:05 Podcast Episode: Charity

Kristofer and Beth mention ManHusbandDad as a more in-depth resource for discernment. While targeted specifically for Men, it is easily adaptable and useful for Women, too [Just change the pronoun in most cases.]!