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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 76: Do Only Catholics Go to Heaven?

The question of who goes to Heaven is a longstanding one we all want to know – and usually we are wondering if we are included in that group! Do Catholics go to Heaven? Do ONLY Catholics go to Heaven?

Starting with what the Catholic Church says and teaches, which was promulgated through Vatican II, we dive in, answer the question pretty quickly (for us!), and then go much deeper to explain the answer.

Who goes to Heaven is actually a pretty straightforward “formula,” but it is not formulaic, so to speak. So, we go from the answer, to what group is in that answer, to how we get into that group, and what all that means in a way that is really simple to give to those who have the question: DO only Catholics go to Heaven?

We also discuss and cover why the Church can declare who goes to Heaven and be right about that; why God is not bound by what He binds us to; and we debunk and declare a lie a definitive statement.

We cover evangelizing, bringing people to Heaven with us, and how being Catholic is the most awesome way to get there!

And we leave you with this question in our show notes but not in our episode: What religion are we once we are in Heaven? Hmmm…?

PS: Kristofer was eating a Reese’s Take Five for the first time. He wasn’t impressed.


6:11 The answer to the question
6:30 “There is no salvation outside the Church” is first referenced as the probable source for the claim. We reference the documents below.
7:17 Shout out: Father Albert’s (Holy Owned and Operated Advisory Panel Member!) Keynote Address for the 2022 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
7:42 Shout out: Keith and Judy Comeaux for his Ordination to the Diaconate


Lumen Gentium Article 14 is addressed to Catholics, “the Church, now sojourning on earth as an exile, is necessary for salvation.”
Article 16 specifically addresses non-Christians and their means of salvation.
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Paragraphs 846-848 specifically addresses this and quotes Lumen Gentium, 16.