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Your Generosity Matters

Questions? Other off-line ways to give? Scroll below the form for answers, or contact Beth and Kristofer for direct, personal answers.

Be a Part of Global Faith Formation in the Home

Holy Owned and Operated was founded specifically for YOU, The Church. By helping us help you and others, you are investing directly into the lifelong Faith Formation of countless families worldwide by engaging in the Great Commission that Jesus gave us all before he ascended into heaven: Go and make disciples of all the nations. (Mt 28:19)

Your donation goes directly to the materials we produce and the equipment we need to produce them. We take no salary. You can be assured of our good and proper stewardship!

Why Give Online?

Our online giving is convenient for you and also for us. Making trips to the bank for check deposits is certainly worth it, but you having to keep track of that may not be.

Giving online is super secure. We do not store any of your credit card information, as that is all handled by our processor, well-known and trusted eCommerce kings Square and Stripe. We have used them for eight years in Kristofer’s part-time work and they have always been efficient, with zero mistakes or security issues. They cost us an industry-standard 2.9% +$0.15 per transaction, and you have the opportunity in the form above to help us off-set that cost.

You will get a receipt immediately upon completing the donation, both on the screen and in your email inbox.

Can Holy Owned and Operated Bill Me?


Just select “Donate with Mail a Check, Invoice Me, or Debit my Checking Account” to ask Kristofer to reach out to you personally, and he will get you all setup. You’ll receive a monthly invoice via email (with a clickable link to pay online) or by mail, however you want.

Can I Autodraft a Monthly Check?


The form above should give you that opportunity if you select “Donate with Mail a Check, Invoice Me, or Debit my Checking Account”. Kristofer will reach out to you personally, and he will walk you through the easy process in less than five minutes.

Will You Take My Donation By Phone?


Call us at 877-HOLY-OWN (877.465.9696) and we will take care of that in no time flat.

Why Don’t You Take PayPal or Venmo?

Because we are Pro-Life and do not support abortion.

That is the quick answer. The details: PayPal, who also owns Venmo, gives money directly to Planned Parenthood to subsidize abortions. They use money that is collected from transaction fees (that is how they make their money, after all) to do this.

Now that you know this, you are, unfortunately, culpable for this knowledge. So, the next time you use PayPal or Venmo, you will knowingly be directly paying for an abortion – that is a mortal sin. Pass that on to your parish and Knights of Columbus council, since it is highly likely they use PayPal and Venmo.

Now you know.

Other Ways To Give