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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 24: Epiphany

Aha! We have an Epiphany: Were they Wise Men, Kings, or Magi? The answer is tantalizingly close and we figure it out, and really soon after we start walking! And what about those gifts? What the heck is Myrrh? And once again Kristofer has a song that is a parody of the Christmas Carol…but he does not sing all of it, since he learned it long before he was baptized… He and Beth give the lowdown on the dudes from the east, and also what it means in their lives and their family to have the gift of the magi, or kings, or wise men – no matter! The Holy Spirit has something for us in this wonderful celebration, and we are barely started on the Christmas season! Are your decorations still up? They should be… Merry Christmas!

You can ask, but Kristofer won’t tell you the lyrics to the song. But you can tell us what traditions you have for Epiphany, or maybe you are already back at the usual grind after THE BIG DAY and need some help staying focused on that thing that brought these guys from a fire. Er, afar!

Read our Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord post, or learn more about epiphany from

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