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Prayer Basics

To the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit!

Prayer is raising your heart and mind to God. When we pray we are having a conversation with God. A conversation has two components – talking and listening. Lots of times we just talk AT God, instead of having a conversation WITH Him. So, here are some basic steps to take for prayer.

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Quiet yourself

Sometimes this means finding a quiet place, other times you just have to block out distractions – closing your eyes can help.

Make the Sign of the Cross

This action-prayer tells your body that you are entering a conversation with God. It addresses God our Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It reminds us that we are in relationship with God.

Speak AND Listen

After you have spoken, be quiet and listen. Use your heart to listen for and to God. He may not speak so you can hear Him (most of the time He doesn’t), but you can open your soul to hear Him. This takes practice and time to develop. Some people never do. We want you to learn how to listen to God.

Thank God

After listening for a while, thank God for the time together. Tell Him you love Him and want to be with Him forever. Close your time with another Sign of the Cross.

Hail Mary Infographic

Hail Mary Infographic with Traditional Language

Hail Mary Infographic

Hail Mary Infographic with Modern Language

Our Father

Our Father Infographic Yellow background

Divine Praises Prayer

Divine Praises prayer poster with color image

The Divine Praises prayer poster with Color Image
(This prayer is typically prayed at the end of a time of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.)

Divine Praises Prayer

THe Divine Praises are beautifully presented in sans font over the black and white image of a priest raising the Eycharist.

The Divine Praises prayer poster with Black and White Image
(This prayer is typically prayed at the end of a time of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.)

Litany of Humility
Prayer Card

This is a thumbnail image of the one-page Litany of Humility, with glossary, provided by Holy Owned and Operated.

Add the Litany of Humility prayer to your personal and family prayer-time this week, as a permanent addition to your Domestic Church’s ongoing growth. Also, when preparing for Confession, praying this will help in an examination of conscience; before Mass it helps us focus on the Eucharist.

Click to get the full Our Father Infographic

Prayers to Memorize

The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)
The Hail Mary
Glory Be
Apostles’ Creed
Grace Before Meals
Guardian Angel Prayer
Act of Contrition
Nicene Creed
(we say this at Sunday Mass)

…and more!

Prayer Practices/Devotions to Adopt

The Rosary
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Reading Scripture
Eucharistic Adoration


Elementary Faith Formation Resources

Elementary Faith Formation resources are for children from Pre-K to 6th Grade and their parents and guardians, as well as the catechists who lead them in this stage of their journey of faith.

Click on the section below that best fits your needs

Young/School Age Children

Catholic Icing – Crafts for liturgical year and saints and more!

Look to Him and Be Radiant – Lessons, crafts, coloring pages, book recommendations, and more from a Catholic school religion teacher/Director of Religious Education

Teaching Catholic Kids – parent newsletter published by Our Sunday Visitor, Sunday Gospel reflections, crafts, liturgical season information and saint stories.

Parent-catechists and Parish catechists

Franciscan at Home – For a small subscription you can get in-depth training and mentoring from some of the world’s most respected and renowned Catechetical leaders. (And Beth and Kristofer happen to be two of those Mentors!)

Catechist’s Journey – A Loyola Press sister site for Catechists to learn from and share with one another. Joe Paprocki is the website creator and lead catechist.

The Religion Teacher – Jared Dees’ site with weekly lesson plans, activities, and other useful information and resources for teaching your students.

If you or your parish use a curriculum

Most commonly used in parish catechesis, if your parish uses curriculum from one of these sources, ask your parish catechetical leader or pastor for access codes:

Ave Maria Press

Loyola Publishing

Our Sunday Visitor

Pflaum Publishing

RCL Benziger

St. Mary’s Press

Sophis Press Curriculum Site – Parents or catechists can use the free downloads for Sunday Gospel lessons, current event lessons (for High School), and using Sacred Art for teaching the faith. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for these resources and to sign up to have them delivered to your inbox.)

RCIA Adapted for Children Resources

The Rite of Christian Initiation Adapted for Children is a many-faceted process for children who have not received the Sacraments of Initiation during the normally prescribed times, for whatever reason. These respurces are particularly for them, their parents or guardians, and sponsors, as well as the catechists and parishes who help form them and journey with them as they enter the Church.

Click here to find tons of free resources as well as Holy Owned and Operated’s members-only material.