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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 29: Faithfulness

Faithfulness is difficult to keep in all situations. “Why God?” Is a question we  often ask ourselves. But we do believe in a good God. God doesn’t like the pain we experience. We suffer the consequences for our actions. We believe that he came and conquered death, so we have heaven to look forward to! This fruit of the Spirit is easy to overlook. Just saying, “Yeah, I believe in all that stuff.” Some of it is hard to wrap our heads around, but we need to understand it to our greatest human capacity. The Mysteries of Faith are a different matter altogether, and no one has yet to figure them out. Keep faithful and we will all make it to heaven!


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Nicene Creed – prayed at every Mass. It is the summary of our faith. Also, Mama and Daddy mention as a source for learning more about the Lord, the Faith, and the Church!

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