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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 144: Foul Language

Spurred on by nothing but their wit and experience, Beth and Kristofer bring forth a topic in need of much discussion: Language! Or more specifically, foul language. Many use it in their day-to-day and don’t even think about it; others are highly offended by it, and some don’t care one way or the other. In this episode, Beth and Kristofer remind us of the importance of the use of proper language.  They discuss the sanctity of some words, and the decorum and what we are expressing when we use it. But don’t worry! Beth and Kristofer refrain from using any words (although “Hell” is spoken as part of the question they are answering) so this episode remains family-friendly!

Using foul language used to mean something, that you were uneducated and had bad verbal skills. Today, despite our over saturation with it, it is still uncouth and vulgar to use uncouth and vulgar language. We may not recognize it, but the use of foul language debases us and those around us. We are in this world, not of it, and the words of this world are not to be trifled with.

Beth and Kristofer discuss the Theology behind the use of foul language, and it will help you think twice about using any the next time you feel like it. Also, Kristofer offers us a way to break the habit of foul language if we’re struggling with that specific vice.


We are Easter People is the episode we refer to toward the end of the episode.

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