The sacred role of women in the Church goes back to the time before Jesus came to Earth – way before!

In this episode, we talk about that – after a short disclaimer from my lovely bride – and how there is an important significance to women being in the Church and the role they play in salvation history.

We claim that the first Catholic was Mary (a woman, BTW!), and share who “the first Apostle” was, as well as “the Apostle to the Apostles” – both women!

But it is way more than a title, and these women were not ordained by Jesus as were the Twelve – which is significant, and a true blessing for women and the Church!

And, yes, we answer THAT question, along with the question of why women are integral to the survival and thriving of the Church.

And I get a little snippy about men and how they handle their responsibilities in the Church.

But what’s new?  -Kristofer