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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 78: Glory

Good glory, this was a fun episode to do, and is a funny one to listen to!

What’s in a word?

Glory is one of those words that the English language has done a disservice to. It’s like “snow” compared to indigenous people in polar regions, or “love” translated from the Greek in the English Bible. We have consolidated many words into this one word, and it has lost its meaning and the meaning of the others have been diluted.

In this episode dedicated to Mary Henriquez, Beth and Kristofer discuss the idea of glory, and the many facets of it, and how it is used for its many different meanings.

Beth shares some history and meanings of words we use that are a part of the meaning of glory, so Kristofer learns a little Hebrew and Greek, despite his uncanny ability to get distracted by everything. And they do it all in less than 22 minutes.

And Kristofer keeps the song references to only those that have “glory” in them. But Beth throws in a couple other ones. Apparently, there are a lot. Think about it – how many times to you sing or say “glory” or a derivative of that word, not just in Mass, but in your daily life? Loads!

Our episode starts with a prayer and dedication to Mary, who gave glory to God in her daily life, and we humbly ask that you pray for her soul, and for her husband, Mario, who preceded her to his eternal reward in 2008. The world is a lot worse off with them no longer in it. We are sad for us, and happy for them!


11:33 TWMWU | Glory and God | Sunday Second Week in Ordinary Time