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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 160: God’s Beauty

Through a car window, this series of three pictures revealing God's Beauty, from top to bottom, show the increasing size of a bull bison from 30 feet, then 15 feet, and finally 3 feet away.As it was last week, the Big Ball of Twine Tour 2023 is the backdrop for this episode. This recent vacation of ours brought us the opportunity to experience God’s Beauty in many forms, and we talk about the profound experience and permanent impression it made upon us. We dig into the incomparable depth of God’s Beauty, juxtaposed against Man’s Beauty; and we start out doing so by taking on Devil’s Tower! Our discussion answers questions you may not know you had, and it starts a lifelong discussion we hope you have with your selves, your loved ones, and your God. We will.

God’s beauty is, paradoxically, revealed in the unknown. We wonder how such things as Devil’s Tower are made – because nobody knows and there are no less than four prevailing, accepted theories! – and wind up quoting The Princess Bride to explain it.

We discuss the beauty in the America we experienced; the natural beauty and infinite “I can’t do that, but Somebody did!” We marvel at the colors, which, unfortunately, our part of Texas tends to be devoid of. We saw God’s beauty that the Ingall’s family (yes, THAT family) saw that caused them to settle by the shores of Silver Lake. We saw God’s beauty in the massive herds of buffalo that walked within three feet of us; fearless and majestic in their place in the world and the tapestry known as God’s beauty.

We experienced God’s beauty throughout our trip, whether it was balls of twine [Darwin, Cawker City, Branson), Devil’s Tower, The Black Hills, the Great Plains, Bison herds, stars, bugs, or blades of grass, or a hundred other things we saw. The attention to detail that God goes to so as to make our lives so rich showed us how God’s beauty is His expression of His love for us – and that love manifested itself in us as a family experiencing Him in a manner that brought our family closer with lifelong memories.

Man's Beauty was revealed to us in our Big Ball of Twine Tour 2023, and this map of the Central United States shows many of our way points on this 3500 mile trip.

The Big Ball of Twine Tour 2023 Itinerary.

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