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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 164: God’s Time Is Not Our Time

God’s time is not our time. Well, duh! In this episode that is short on time – possibly our shortest episode ever – we discuss the intricacies of life complicated by our concept of timing and how our own blindness to the Plan of The Lord makes us impatient as He works for our good with His Goodness, Beauty, and Truth. When we do not think God is responding to our prayers, it does not mean He isn’t involved and not doing things. When we are kids, we try to get God to do things, to fit him into our expectations. Do we still do that as adults? When we are non-believers, does some of that lack of faith come from not getting, having, or experiencing what we think should be happening?

God’s Plan for us and His timing for us is better than ours, and we need the virtue of Patience to understand that. “Wait on The Lord,” says the psalmist. (Ps. 27:14) The psalmist knows that God’s timing is not our timing, and we need to allow it to be what it is: His.

We cannot fall into superstition, putting God into a box. Kristofer expresses his doubts about novenas because of his expectation of them, as well as his concerns about the Rosary. God’s timing is not our timing, which means we cannot fall into the trap of the Prosperity Gospel or thinking we can bend God to our will with prayer.

We get stuck in the perspective of this physical life that we are living that we do not recognize that we are eternal beings – life does not end at death. Whatever constraints we put on The Lord are miniscule to the big picture of The Lord’s.

Our timing is not our neighbor’s timing, either, so we have no right to expect our time or timing to be paramount: God’s time is not our time. If He is present, our timing does not matter.

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