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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 141: HOO Is At A Crossroads

We wonder if HOO is really worth it, and ask for your help in navigating this crossroads. HOO may be throwing in the towel. Coming off a few weeks of intra-organizational and inter-personal conflict and second-guessing, we have a bit of an impromptu soul-searching moment that might just last for longer than this episode. That’s kind of up to you. We knew we needed to record an episode, because it was less than 18 hours before one needed to be released, and we did not have anything in reserve. So, gut-honest spur-of-the-moment commentary when I blurt out what we’ve been talking about privately became the topic. HOO is at a crossroads, and where we turn is up to you.

Do we end it all? Do we take a break? Do we repackage, revamp, renegotiate, or renege on everything and shut down? Or do we keep doing what we are doing?

Is HOO worth it? We don’t know if it really is. Our return on investment comes in the form of feedback, of which we get next to zero. There’s no paycheck; no pat on the back. No thank you. And we can only convince each other for so long that we are doing what’s right.

We do know it is worth it if it is worth it to you. We do know we have plans for what we would do with HOO if it mattered to anybody else. But does it?

We give the raw numbers of how many subscribers and listeners we have (those stats are included on the images on the right), and how that means to us what your opinion means to us. Frankly, if you are reading this word right now, you are one of probably less than ten who actually do. If you listen to this episode, you will be one of less than twenty who do.

So, we are talking to you.

Is it worth it? Do we go on? We’ll know if we hear from anybody… So will you!

Like Abraham pleading with God, (Genesis 18:16-33) if only one person finds this worthwhile, HOO will be saved. -Kristofer