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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 140: Is My Penance Enough

Short answer: No, our penance is not enough! What is a “good penance”? Why do we sometimes get what seems so insignificant a penance relative to our sins? Spoiler alert – our penance is not meant to be commensurate with the crime! If it was, we would never go to Confession! In God’s infinite mercy, He asks of us exactly what we need – not what He needs (He does not need anything). So. “Is my penance enough?” is a fair question, if we consider the question deeply and the penance with reverence and awe at the price that has already been paid for our sins. God offers us the beautiful Sacrament of Reconciliation and Penitentiary Rite to heal our rift with Him. Our penance is not just a symbol – it is us uniting ourselves to Him in His sacrifice for us. We cannot pay the price for our sins. The long answer to the question is “Yes.” Listen to find out why.

Penance reconciles us to God. Who are we to question what He wants from us? When we have the chance to visit with our children who are in and out of the pew after a quick Our Father for their reconciliation with God, we should take the opportunity to help them understand the reasons behind their receiving such an “easy punishment,” as they most likely consider it.

Beth and Kristofer offer some insight on how to turn our penance into self-catechesis. They share their own experiences and explain how even the “little” penances are extraordinary and exactly what God wants us to do to grow closer to Him. They offer suggestions on how and where to consider the Reconciliation and how what we have been given is enough for Him. As Kristofer says, God is telling us, “That’s my Dr. Pepper.”

So, long answer: Yes, our Penance is enough.


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