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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 116: It’s a Mystery

What is a Mystery, in the Catholic sense? We all know the spray-painted, flower-laden, Shaggy-and-Scooby-style whodunit mystery. But what is a Catholic Mystery? Beth and Kristofer unmask the meaning behind the word “mystery” and the different Mysteries of the Catholic Faith in this lively episode of On the Road to Perfection!

Beth explains what the word mystery means in the Catholic sense, and even reveals a connection between it and a very important word in our Catholic Faith, wowing Kristofer and giving us a deeper understanding into why we use the word for so many different things in our Catholic Faith.

Beth and Kristofer go into as much detail as they can with mystery. But the truth is, that God is AWESOME. And we can’t understand everything he does. That is, as Beth and Kristofer inform us, where our faith comes into play. Resurrection, Trinity, Transubstantiation, or the turning of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. These things are difficult to understand, but Beth and Kristofer encourage us to learn as much as we can about it. We’ll never know everything, no matter how hard we try. Einstein didn’t give up on physics, and he didn’t know everything either!

We have to put our trust in God. We have to have faith, just as faith without works is dead, so are works hollow without faith. Mysteries remind of us how amazing God truly is, and how limitless his magnificence is. We should all learn more about our faith to understand His greatness and our place in the grand plan He has for us.


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