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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 69: It’s All In The Little Things

With all due respect to Mother Teresa quoting The Little Flower, we don’t have that kind of wisdom, though we aspire to it in this episode!

While Kristofer devolves into quoting and singing soundbites to alleviate his guilt at NOT enjoying the little things, Beth gives great wisdom in how to live our Catholic Faith on a daily basis, in everything we are and do.

With a little help from Heart, Echo & The Bunnymen, Information Society, Dug, Monty Python, Frank Zappa and Hercule Poirot we manage to walk a few miles and actually talk some sense, with Kristofer making one good point about everything being connected.

Oh, and the Icthys comment is explained here: How DId a Fish Come to Symbolize Christ? And here is the article Kristofer wrote about being a House Spouse.