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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 85: Jesus In The Desert

Jesus In The Desert is what we talk about as we charge into Lent. It happens to be the topic of the Gospel Reading this weekend coming up, too. What does Jesus’ 40 days in the desert mean to us, to you? It’s a great question and a different answer for everybody – but a singular theme each of us can relate to. Welcome to Lent!

While Beth makes sure the podcast can be over in the first ten seconds, Kristofer forgets to start the timer, and offers Fulton Sheen as the entire content for this episode. Brief pause, and we decided to keep going. We needed our steps and obviously needed a better understanding of Jesus in the Desert!

So back to the standard twenty or so minute podcast: Jesus in the Desert

This episode coincides with the current TWMWU, and they complement each other while not relying on each other.

We talk about the time spent, and not just Jesus debating with the Devil. He did that at the end of his desert preparation – so what He did during that preparation gets its first tests at the end with Satan.

Beth comes up with a fascinating observation: The Word of God uses the Word of God to silence the Devil. So, can we spend Lent getting to that point, so we are prepared and armed for our Mission, just as Jesus in the desert prepared for His mission?

Definitions, real life examples, and the occasional neighbor are all a part of this episode, along with some disagreements, proclamations, and praise. Plus, traffic. Always traffic.

Wisdom is gift that we can receive from Lent, and Jesus in the desert gives us great hope to have that grace from God. Kristofer shares how Lent is a season of Hope for him best shown by Jesus in the desert, and we hope it is for you, too.

All said and done, Jesus in the Desert helps us in our deserts – which we all have. But Lent is a planned Desert, that helps us prepare and focus for the next unplanned deserts in our life.

If you stick around, you get to meet Freddy the Frog, too!

Jesus, be my distraction!