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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 53: Keeping Your Teens Faithful

It’s hard to keep teens faithful, …or so I’ve been told. Teenagers want to know the Truth and will learn it from a trustworthy source. Their friends, Wikipedia, their Clash of Clans leader, whoever they trust. If a parent leads by example and is honest, then they are trustworthy. Teens have a sixth sense when it comes to honesty. Cross-referencing what they see their parents do with what their parents say, if something doesn’t add up, then it leads the teenager to pick which one looks more fun. Fun is important. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it. I see that in me, my friends, my siblings, and other peers. My English teacher made English fun, and we all passed the class. My Chemistry teacher made Chemistry fun, I passed with a good grade, and I dislike science. But Teens are not academics of God, we are Children of God.

If raised to be children of God then a teen will want to spend time with him. Go visit Him at His house, invite Him into their heart. Spending time with God will be at least as important as spending time with friends. As a family, we have yet to go back to the churches in town that our friends attend, but we’ve gone back to church, including a Spanish Mass. It’s mass, that’s what was important to me. I miss my friends, but I missed God more. Take responsibility to raise your children in the faith as their primary catechists should.

Our Teenagers podcast and Being Catholic is Fun podcast offer more resources for you to help raise teens in the faith. Also, as always, offers good help for raising teens in an over-sexualized culture. And is a good place as any to start your teen on a “Catholic Wikipedia.”

And remember: if you don’t know the answer to a question, look for it together, parents and teens;it will give you both an excuse to do something together and a chance for both of you to learn something.

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