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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 25: Kindness

“Be excellent to each other!” So said Rufus to Bill and Ted, but is that really Kindness? And what’s the difference between Kindness and being nice…if any? We jump into the thick of it on a relatively low-traffic day while we meet some neighbors and share a Merry Christmas with a Mom and her two adorable kiddos. This is a great conversation for anyone to listen to when they have to explain to their kids why it may seem like the punishment is cruel, but it really is kindness in the long run…

Kindness is one of the hardest fruits of the spirit to accomplish. We confuse niceness with kindness and sometimes our bluntness can be mean and not kind. We need to know how man white lies is too many. “No, your not fat.” is nice, but isn’t kind when an unexpected heart attack occurs. By the same token, being to blunt and saying: “lose wight, or your going to have a heart attack,” might not be what our spouses and friends want to hear from us.

Our short Kindness video is available for those who want this lesson in a shorter time. Or you can learn more here.

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