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Join us here for our weekly messages of hope, inspiration, and instruction. And the occasional grumble or two if Kristofer is in one of his moods!

You inspire us to continue and overcome by your own success and refusal to accept mediocrity in your faith journey. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

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Current Series

Catechesis at Home.

At this time of pandemic, many Dioceses have ceased offering Faith Formation of any sort – from Pre-K to and through Adult. This series will continue to guide you in this wilderness as The Church seeks new ways to reach and form the faithful.


Latest Letters to You, The Church: The Body of Christ.

The Sacred Role of Women in the Church – Episode 124

The Sacred Role of Women in the Church – Episode 124

The sacred role of women in the Church goes back to the time before Jesus came to Earth – way before!

In this episode, we talk about that – after a short disclaimer from my lovely bride – and how there is an important significance to women being in the Church and the role they play in salvation history.

We claim that the first Catholic was Mary (a woman, BTW!), and share who “the first Apostle” was, as well as “the Apostle to the Apostles” – both women!

But it is way more than a title, and these women were not ordained by Jesus as were the Twelve – which is significant, and a true blessing for women and the Church!

And, yes, we answer THAT question, along with the question of why women are integral to the survival and thriving of the Church.

And I get a little snippy about men and how they handle their responsibilities in the Church.

But what’s new?  -Kristofer

Second Sunday of Advent – Preparing the Way of the Lord

Second Sunday of Advent – Preparing the Way of the Lord

“Prepare the Way of The Lord” is an urgent call not unfamiliar to us. But how do we do that? What exactly is “the Way”? Is this something we do on our own?

We look into this familiar yet mysterious calling we all receive from John the Baptist in this week’s Mass readings, and we recognize the call in the first reading from Baruch, Psalm 126, and Paul’s letter to the Philippians – so it must be important!

And it is most appropriate to look into this as Advent gears up. The Lord is coming, and amidst the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, this is the time for a gut-check to learn how to prepare the way of The Lord all year, and to kickstart that renewed effort now.

Is Some Music Bad – Episode 123

Is Some Music Bad – Episode 123

One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric.

So says the Supreme Court of the United States, and, coming from that secular view, I begin with the answer that, “Yes, some music is bad.”

But there’s a BIG but – and we’re not talking Bobby Jimmy and the Crickets!

Though this topic is right up my alley, DJ Duck doesn’t go too far down that road, but Beth and I use that as a springboard to talk about why some music is bad, while that same music is good.


While some music may not be art in the ear of the beholder, where does music – and lyrics – lead us? -Kristofer

First Sunday of Advent – Climbing the Mountain

First Sunday of Advent – Climbing the Mountain

Life is a journey.

That’s nothing new.

But why and how do mountains give us such clarity in what that journey is like?

As we constantly strive for heaven, that summit is clear, but the valleys, hills, and crooked paths and steep cliffs stand between us and the goal.

The One on the mountain is also with us.

This week as we begin a new liturgical year at Advent, we explore these challenging readings and discover something about ourselves:

Heaven is no hill, at least for a climber!

Raising Kids In These Times – Episode 122

Raising Kids In These Times – Episode 122

Raising Kids In These Times is HARD!

How do we do it?

How do we raise our children to be in this word but not of it?

What is the secret?

Is there a formula, a road map, a sequence of strategies and tactics?

In this episode we continue our discussion inadvertently begun a couple of weeks ago, focusing on kids and what they and we have to deal with, and how to handle it.

How different is it from the past?

And, yes, there is a formula, which we gladly share!

Christ Our Superhero

Christ Our Superhero

How does our view of superheroes affect our relationship with Christ?

Do we want Jesus to swoop in and “save the day”?

Or do we even ask Him for help when we need it?

Or rather looking to our own self-reliance, or escaping from the problems at hand in some unhealthy way?

Jesus came to save us, but it takes more than just passive reception to receive the Salvation He offers.

Being a Family of Prayer – Episode 121

Being a Family of Prayer – Episode 121

In the past, Beth and Kristofer have talked about how to do family prayer.

In this episode, they discuss how to be a family of prayer.

They answer how long it takes to “get there” and share some of what it takes, without getting into tactics or strategies or specific practices.

Being a family of prayer is a way of life, not a set of check boxes!

With that in mind, they discuss why it is important to be closer to God and our family, what it means to be a harmonious family, and how to be it.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming

Jesus is Coming!

This week the readings are all about that; like blazing headlines!

So, we discuss when he is coming, and how we know it is happening.

The Second Coming is in process as we speak!

That’s no surprise to Catholics when we understand what the end times are, and our role in them.

This day has been anticipated since before Jesus came the first time, and we get to be in on the VIP pre-party!

And hopefully the eternal after-party…

Moral Relativism – Episode 120

Moral Relativism – Episode 120

What is Moral Relativism?

What is wrong with it?
How do I counteract it?

In this Episode, Beth and Kristofer discuss Moral Relativism and what we can do to fight it and overcome it, despite the Devil’s attempts to stop them from sharing the secrets!

(You’ll have to listen to the first part at least to hear the story!)

God of the Living

God of the Living

“He is not God of the dead, but of the living!”

Our witness to God’s life in us is what sets us apart, it is what makes us a target, and also a magnet.

The life we live on earth either takes us closer to God or further from Him.

Choices we make now have eternal consequences.

This week, let us learn from the witnesses who went before us – the saints – how to witness to others and live the life God created us to live!

All Souls Day – Episode 119

All Souls Day – Episode 119

All Souls Day is an often overlooked day of remembrance.

Beth and Kristofer explain why the Church celebrates the lives of all the Souls not yet in Heaven.

They touch on Purgatory and the path to Heaven.

They talk about why we should pray for our deceased loved ones and even those souls who nobody prays for.

Also,  Beth and Kristofer answer why it is an important day to us as Catholics., why we should remember and celebrate it, and why we pray for the souls in Purgatory.

Constant Love and Mercy

Constant Love and Mercy

God’s constant love and mercy abounds!

They are present everywhere and every time, every place and every moment.

This week’s readings are all about seeing, recognizing, and experiencing His constant love and mercy.

Our discussion helps us see that, and our activity gives us the opportunity to knowingly, actively participate in it!

All Saints Day – Episode 118

All Saints Day – Episode 118

All Saints Day is the day we celebrate the lives of all of the Saints, and the gift they are to us.

But why?

What is so important about having a generic day to celebrate people we don’t know about?

Don’t we already have a day for the “famous” saints?

Beth and Kristofer explain why Catholics make it a point to celebrate the lives of the Holy Men and Women in Heaven.

The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer

Sometimes the simplest is the most effective, and the Jesus Prayer helps us understand that.

This week, we learn about humility and self-righteousness, and that we all have the capacity to grow in the former and eliminate the latter.

Learning how to apply the readings of Mass to our lives – they are the Word of God, after all! – is integral to growing in our quest for perfection, in relationship with the Lord.

This week, we get a terrific example of how to do that, and a simple one we can apply every day!

The Perils of Halloween – Episode 117

The Perils of Halloween – Episode 117

Is Halloween the Devil’s Holiday?

Is it bad to go trick-or-treating?

In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer discuss “The Perils of Halloween” and what it is as both a secular “holiday” and a Catholic celebration of the Holy Saints.

They answer all of our questions about Halloween, and what we can do and what we shouldn’t do.

Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture

What is Sacred Scripture? What makes it so special?

This week we get it from the horse’s mouth: Paul, while writing Sacred Scripture which he does not know will be Sacred Scripture, provides Timothy with the reasons and purposes for Sacred Scripture.

At that time Paul could only be referring to Old Testament scripture. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote a lot of the New testament, unknowingly. But can it be denied as Sacred?

The Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church, and has since Pentecost, before Paul came into the picture – so He was guiding and inspiring Paul.

Understanding and applying Sacred Scripture is simple, but is not something to be done alone. The Holy Spirit has led the Catholic Church through 2000 years of first writing the last Sacred Scripture and then understanding it.

This week we explore how to understand Sacred Scripture, what’s so important about it, why we should know it, and how we can know it. It’s pretty simple!

It’s a Mystery – Episode 116

It’s a Mystery – Episode 116

What is a Mystery, in the Catholic sense?

We all know the spray-painted, flower-laden, Shaggy-and-Scooby-style whodunit mystery.

But what is a Catholic Mystery?

Beth and Kristofer unmask the meaning behind the word “mystery” and the different Mysteries of the Catholic Faith in this lively episode of On the Road to Perfection!

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

“Thank you, Lord, for a good day.” Our family ends the day with this prayer, without fail.

Some days it is VERY hard to give thanks to God for that, after everything that happened that day:

Death. Sickness. Pain. Broken hearts. Unruly children, and hurt that our children suffer that we cannot do much to salve.

Recognizing God’s infinite Goodness and thanking Him for it is also very hard to remember to do. In our fallen state, we tend to think how wonderful we are when we accomplish or experience something good.

How often do we thank God for this stuff?

Maybe one in ten times, like the lepers in the Gospel. Maybe it takes seven experiences like Naaman in the Jordan.

Shouldn’t we always be thankful, even in our suffering?

This week we read of these and Paul’s suffering, and learn why bad things happen to good people.

And there’s some wisdom in here that deals with that question directly Why does a Good God make bad things happen?

See if you know the answer…