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We all think that Disney princesses and the love they have for their princes are the focus of the animated movies – and they are! But I wanted to focus on the flip side: The Princes and their love of those beautiful young ladies we know as the Disney Princesses.

Before we dive into the princes, I want to mention one thing…

Kissing at the end of the movie

It always happens. If there is one Disney Princess movie that they don’t kiss by the end of the movie, tell me in the comments. But I want to point out: most of the princesses only just met their princes that day. I mean, sure, it’s romantic, but realistic? I think not.

I do want to list my top five best princes (although number five isn’t actually a prince), and a special mention of the worst.

Kristoff has deep Love for Anna as he brings her to the castle5. Kristoff’s Love for Anna – Frozen franchise

Kristoff was a poor Ice farmer and has a reindeer named Sven. Come on, who doesn’t want a reindeer? Well, he’s number five because he helped his princess – Anna – to get her job done, and he helped her grow up; why would she get engaged the day she met that person? That is probably the dumbest princess move I’ve ever seen from Disney. So, Kristoff helped Anna on her journey and he eventually ended up trying to save her. One of the things I like about Kristoff is that he never imposed his love on Anna, although you could tell that he did love her from the start. Anna was pushed into realizing her love for Kristoff. Also, they may have kissed at the end of the movie, but he helped her through a very traumatic experience – and they haven’t gotten married yet. This is the one Disney “Prince” that has to date not gotten married to his princess. And he never will be a prince, because Anna is now Queen of Arendelle, and Kristoff will forever be not a Disney Prince.

Flynn has learned to Love Rapunzel for who she is as he cuts her hair4. Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert’s Love for Rapunzel – Tangled franchise

Flynn Ryder, a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert, was a great con man and thief – until he met the love of his life. I must say, he is the most hilarious of all the Disney princes put together. He did pretty much the same thing Kristoff did, but I rank him above Kristoff because he actually succeeded in saving Rapunzel. He also died doing it, so I would rank him above Aladdin, but Aladdin actually got married in a movie – Flynn didn’t. Flynn did mention that they got married at the end of the movie, but the marriage actually happened in a Short that was created after the movie. He helped Rapunzel as a foil for her moral uprightness. It was obvious from the film that he was only taking Rapunzel to see the lanterns on her birthday just to get the crown, but he eventually came to Love Rapunzel for her as opposed to the crown.

Aladdin learns to Love Jasmine in their roof-top talk3. Aladdin’s Love for Jasmin – Aladdin franchise

Aladdin – scoundrel, thief, and relatively good con man, much like Flynn Ryder. A reason he ranks higher is just because he was good enough to not actually need to die to save his girl. Also, he had Genie. And Abu, Carpet, and Iago. Also, the villain was a much better villain than Mother Gothel, but really, who can beat Jafar? I may be biased, though, so Flynn Ryder might actually rank higher – especially if you count the number of times he saved Rapunzel throughout the Franchise, while Aladdin needed saving more often than he’s doing the saving. Aladdin definitely is the main character of the franchise as opposed to the princess, Jasmine. Most Disney Princess movies are the other way around, so it makes sense that Aladdin needed more saving. Also, Aladdin was the one who needed to grow up – and he did! So on the growing up/becoming good spectrum, he definitely ranks higher than Flynn Ryder, but on the Loving your Princess spectrum, Flynn probably takes the number three spot. Sorry, Genie.

2. Beast’s Love for Belle – Beauty and the Beast FranchiseBeast learns to Love Belle as she teaches him what true Love is

Beast, a scary monster with a dying soul. He had great character development, and he died saving Belle from Gaston – another great villain. He grew in virtue throughout the movie, and grew to love Belle, and let her love him. He went from being a prideful, villainous beast to being a humble and caring man. Although it’s a very simple plot, it’s beautiful for it.

The waking Kiss from Phillip to Aurora is full of sacrifice and Love1. Prince Philip’s Love for Aurora – The Sleeping Beauty.

Philip outstrips them all. Sure, he kissed a sleeping woman (awkward), but he loved her and she loved him (obviously, it’s Disney). But the one reason I put him at the top is because he fought a Dragon. A Dragon. With little to no help. Alright, he had those magic items the fairies gave him, but he lost the shield pretty quick and had to go get the sword again to finally kill Maleficent. And the Fairies didn’t do too well in the fight themselves. The mutual Love they had for each other was obvious to the watcher although Philip did not necessarily know if Aurora loved him. It is a good thing they were already betrothed, because Philip would probably have rebelled if he wasn’t allowed to marry her. Philip does show the markings of a good son, as he does express willingness to marry the woman he’s already betrothed to as his father wishes, but he still does not like it.


Well, the people who were willing to sacrifice themselves – and some did – are the top five princes. They followed Jesus’ example of sacrifice and they all succeeded. I did mention that I would have a low man on the totem pole, so here he is:

Dishonorable Mention: Prince Charming – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Why? He was literally the first Disney Prince, so why is he the worst? Because he stalked Snow White around and scared her during the movie, finally kissing her when she was dead. I mean, who kisses an obviously dead woman that you scared so badly that she ran away from you? sheesh!

Feel free to comment and submit your ideas for “Best Prince” award!