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Make an Economic and Ecclesiastic Impact

In our eleven months, HOO has already positively affected thousands of people - in hundreds of families across America and in a dozen foreign countries - who are craving access to understandable and orthodox Catholic Faith Formation during this time of separation from the Mass, the Eucharist, the Community, and Religious Education at their local parishes. Supporting Holy Owned and Operated grows the Domestic Church worldwide while investing in our country through HOO. That's a pretty good multiplication of your talent!

Help our little organization every month in a big way with a recurring monthly donation. Thank you!


All donors and their families, regardless of amount or frequency of donation, are perpetually entered into our personal, family, and HOO prayer books. You, your needs, and your intentions are lifted in prayer at least twice daily, and we offer the same at every Mass, twice, once during the prayers of the faithful and again during the offering.

Your Generosity Matters

See below for what your investment supports

One-time donations give us that extra boost to help meet unexpected costs. Thank you!

The AMAZING Things HOO Did with ONLY $7,000 in Donations in Ten Months

After the first week of February 2021, we did some analysis of what God had accomplished through HOO since Palm Sunday 2020, when He strongly encouraged us to launch. These are the results of that analysis. Imagine what your donation, added to the contributions of our first brave believers, can do in the coming months and years…

We have worked around the clock digitizing, creating and posting content that is really valuable and engaging to our visitors, who spend almost four minutes (3:57) on the site after they have found what they are looking for.

  • In January we had over 12,000 unique visitors to our web site, with a total of 75,000 page views!
    • Four minutes on one web site is an eternity in this fast-paced, give-it-to-me now, mobile world.

Some of that content includes:

  • 49 straight weeks of providing free family lessons based on the Mass readings, what we call This Week’s Free Thing. These are released every Tuesday for the coming Sunday. With occasional bonus material, such as the Ash Wednesday material we just released.
  • 81 published articles on catechesis, faith, worshiping during the pandemic, scripture reflections, virtue, and more
  • 111 articles in production, not yet posted, that will be published over the next few months. These are published on Wednesdays in our Letters Home blog.
  • 45 pages of information: everything from Mass times (including hosting a streaming Mass) to doctrine and instruction on how to lead the Domestic Church
  • 7 published short, fun, family-oriented videos about the Fruit of the Spirit. These are published on Mondays and directed and produced by our 13-year-old son Nathaniel as he learns videography, pursuing his dream to be a director of Catholic feature films.
    • 7 more video lessons on the Fruit of The Spirit queued up and ready for release each week on Mondays through Lent and Easter.
  • 3 full-length video lessons for Catechists
  • 19 more videos in pre-production
  • 35 podcast episodes published of On The Road to Perfection, once a week since mid-July. These are published on Thursdays and produced and edited in post-production by our 15-year-old, Andrew.
  • 5 podcasts in post-production, ready for posting weeks in advance
    • This podcast has 219 unique listeners, a huge number for such a new and un-marketed podcast
  • 1 online theology class currently running, every Thursday evening, with participants from Austin and San Antonio
    • 4 more classes are offered this year, including a High School Theology course for credit this coming Fall
  • 460 newsletter subscribers
  • 8 Advisory Panel members, including a Franciscan Priest, a Jesuit Priest, and a parish deacon

What MORE HOO Can Do With Your Help


The harsh reality of life is that it cost money. HOO has bills to pay, and as we grow, those will get bigger. Internet, electricity, web hosting, accounting, memberships in organizations that provide resources, guidance, or support in running HOO (TechSoup, GuideStar, GrantStation, etc.), supplies, continuing education, gas, the list goes on. We are in awe of how The Lord provided for us to start HOO in the midst of losing 93% of our income as a family in 2020, and we trust, since our family cannot pay all of HOO’s bills,  that He has a Plan to help us continue paying them. Since you are reading this, you are probably a part of that Plan.


One of the unavoidable Truths about Holy Owned and Operated is that without Beth, HOO would not exist. While Kristofer is a Catechist and educator in his own right, his talents are needed right now primarily in the business support of the organization – which is everything except Catechesis and Faith Formation. Beth’s professional vocation is Catechesis and Faith Formation, and she has a tremendous amount of name recognition and loyalty that HOO has been able to build upon. But Beth works outside of HOO at a “day job” between 36 and 48 hours a week. This is unsustainable if Holy Owned and Operated is going to hit its stride and do what God wants us to do: Help anyone grow in their Catholic faith. Until our budget can handle Beth working for HOO full-time, we will never meet our ordained purpose.


You can see from all The Lord has accomplished through HOO that we are juggling a lot as a small, family-run non-profit! Our biggest obstacle to reaching more people is staff. We have produced thousands of documents, aids, resources, articles, classes, retreats, and more in the twenty-five plus years Beth and Kristofer have been in Catechetical and Faith Formation ministry, and we are developing new material as the world changes around us – and God and His Kingdom remains the same, thank goodness! – but getting it produced for the web, print, and social media and then placed there is our bottleneck.

We are running this organization on computers meant for home use, not global evangelization, so that is where our priority is: Technology and manpower. We can accomplish the manpower with volunteers if you would like to offer your talents, but we have yet to find a computer that will volunteer, and all of the free ones are used just like the ones we have.


Your donation plays a big part in our ability to provide scholarships to the poor and less fortunate. God tells us that we will always have the poor, and we are our brothers’ keeper. When you give, we can reach out to the thousands whom we know personally and who have contacted us who are desperate for our courses but cannot afford the tuition. The unhappy part of that equation is that our instructors and staff, too, need to eat and pay bills, which is what tuition covers. In most of our classes, at least one participant has received the gift of a class from the instructor and course coordinator – they have opened a seat for a non-paying student. Your scholarship makes it possible for us to give a seat to another, or a third, or more. Consider the families and generations you will impact, and consider giving a $100 or more donation. Thank you!


Reaching the world at this point in time requires social media, and it requires a robust approach that utilizes manpower, technology, and data-responsive messaging. Our social media strategy, once implemented, is aimed toward drawing visitors to the web site and engaging them in the Catholic social network of Holy Owned and Operated. To do this we need tools that cost money, primarily on a regular subscription basis.


As we grow, there is an unending and ever-growing need for multimedia production, which requires more than computer equipment. For instance, you can probably tell from our videos that we need better lighting. Most of what we need or could use is available in second-hand markets, so we aren’t talking about new stuff here…but we are talking about still-expensive equipment.

Other Ways to Give

Give Online

The easiest for you and fastest for all of us. And it is absolutely secure. This  link will take you directly to the page where you can customize how much you want to give and process the donation through your credit card.


Give By Mail or Phone

Mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Holy Owned and Operated
601 South Gordon Street
Bryan, Texas 77802

Or call 877-HOLY-OWN and we can process your credit card in-person.

Be a Part of Making a Change

Holy Owned and Operated was founded specifically for YOU, The Church. By helping us help you and others, you are investing directly into the cradle-to-grave faith formation of countless families worldwide by engaging in the Great Commission that Jesus gave us all before he ascended into heaven: Go and make disciples of all the nations. (MT 28:19)

You also make it possible for us to eat and live, and if we can do that, we can help countless others get to know and fall in love with Our Lord.

Your donation goes directly to our basic needs and also the materials we produce and the equipment we need to produce them. We take no salary. You can be assured of our good and proper stewardship, and we will ask you before we spend anything on something that may be out of the ordinary or basic needs of our efforts.

Why Give Online?

Our online giving is convenient for you and also for us. Making trips to the bank for check deposits is certainly worth it, but you having to keep track of that may not be.

Giving online is super secure. We do not store any of your credit card information, as that is all handled by our processor, well-known and trusted eCommerce king Square. We have used them for eight years in Kristofer’s part-time work and they have always been efficient, with zero mistakes or security issues. They cost us 2.9% +$0.15 per transaction, so they are a little pricey, but it is still less than the cost of tracking down lost, stolen, or bounced checks.

You will get a receipt immediately upon completing the donation, both on the screen and in your email inbox.