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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 46: Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is a long season, but it is in no way ordinary! At least in the modern sense of the word. I mean, , it happens more than once in a year. What kind of season is that? There is a lot covered in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time; we continue to grow and learn during these times of the year. Also, this season allows for us to really celebrate the extraordinary feasts of the rest of the year.

We still need to celebrate during Ordinary Time. All Saints Day is during Ordinary Time, the feast of Christ the King is the Last Day of the season, and The Feast of the Holy Trinity is at the beginning of the long stretch of the season. Jesus is still risen! Alleluia! And now we need to hope for his second coming. Or long for it as the Communion Prayer says. We both celebrate and long during Ordinary Time, the same way we celebrate the birth of a baby and long for him to be potty trained. 😉

We continue to learn during Ordinary time as well. We continue on a journey with God in the person of Jesus through the season as He travels about and proclaims the kingdom. This is important, because we get to know people better the more time we spend with them. God wants to get us to know him better so we can be better children, so why don’t we get to know him better?

You can visit our Ordinary Time page to get more out of the season, or visit to learn more.

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