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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 158: Ordinary Time Is Not Ordinary

This week, Beth drops a surprise topic on Kristofer after his opening prayer. Beth says that Ordinary Time is not ordinary, and Kristofer does his best to grasp the mathematical meaning behind the words, thanks to his patito, Kora, educating him a few weeks earlier. With the ice cream van trolling the neighborhood and tempting us at every turn. we discuss how extraordinary this time really is – starting with a parish in Connecticut and the miracles that happen around the world, every single day in thousands of places. This is not ordinary! So, let’s dig in…

With planes, cars, and dogs – and even Paul Harvey – in the background, we get into the rest of the Story. During every other season of the year, we celebrate the big things, the big deals, the big feasts. But wait, there’s more during the rest of the year!

We are sad to not see the crowds at Sundays of Ordinary Time that we see at Easter and Christmas. But this season gives us every other Sunday, when EACH of them is a “little Easter,” as the Church teaches.

The story that we hear at Mass every Sunday is a continuation, the next bit of the story: Life as it was and is as we travel with Jesus. How can being with Jesus be anything but extraordinary? We share practices that our family has on a daily and weekly basis to express, focus, and live out the extraordinary moments that this is: NOT ordinary!

Matchbox cars, chicken fingers, Family Game Night, abstaining on Friday, and quoting Fr. Will who quoted C.S. Lewis who quoted Revelation to avoid derailing a train, this episode itself shows that this time of year is truly special!

This episode has a great set of practices and practical applications that, as we have practiced them, have been passed on naturally to our children. They know this season is not ordinary in their bones, deciding for themselves when they are not with family how to practice and live their faith and remind themselves that our time is not ordinary, but extraordinary.

We hope you can use these ideas to help make this ordinary season extraordinary in your life and family, too!

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