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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 18: Our Saints

On this walk, we talk about our saints – our go to partners in the Church Triumphant who we personally and as a family have relationships with and seek for intercession and support. Two weeks ago we talked about Saints in general, and their part in the Body of Christ, but this time around we wanted to talk about the practical, daily living with the saints that the Church encourages us to develop. We hope this gives you an idea on how to learn about, find, and grow in relationship with those special saints who are waiting for you to meet them and welcome them into your lives a guardians, friends, prayer warriors, and confidants.

Who are your favorite saints, and why do they mean so much to you? What is your relationship with them?

If you want to learn who your patron saint may be, or are looking to learn more about the saints. You can visit

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