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This Week’s Mass Warm-Up

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This Week’s Podcast

Is Some Music Bad – Episode 123

Is Some Music Bad – Episode 123

One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric.

So says the Supreme Court of the United States, and, coming from that secular view, I begin with the answer that, “Yes, some music is bad.”

But there’s a BIG but – and we’re not talking Bobby Jimmy and the Crickets!

Though this topic is right up my alley, DJ Duck doesn’t go too far down that road, but Beth and I use that as a springboard to talk about why some music is bad, while that same music is good.


While some music may not be art in the ear of the beholder, where does music – and lyrics – lead us? -Kristofer

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The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer

Sometimes the simplest is the most effective, and the Jesus Prayer helps us understand that.

This week, we learn about humility and self-righteousness, and that we all have the capacity to grow in the former and eliminate the latter.

Learning how to apply the readings of Mass to our lives – they are the Word of God, after all! – is integral to growing in our quest for perfection, in relationship with the Lord.

This week, we get a terrific example of how to do that, and a simple one we can apply every day!

Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture

What is Sacred Scripture? What makes it so special?

This week we get it from the horse’s mouth: Paul, while writing Sacred Scripture which he does not know will be Sacred Scripture, provides Timothy with the reasons and purposes for Sacred Scripture.

At that time Paul could only be referring to Old Testament scripture. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote a lot of the New testament, unknowingly. But can it be denied as Sacred?

The Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church, and has since Pentecost, before Paul came into the picture – so He was guiding and inspiring Paul.

Understanding and applying Sacred Scripture is simple, but is not something to be done alone. The Holy Spirit has led the Catholic Church through 2000 years of first writing the last Sacred Scripture and then understanding it.

This week we explore how to understand Sacred Scripture, what’s so important about it, why we should know it, and how we can know it. It’s pretty simple!

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

“Thank you, Lord, for a good day.” Our family ends the day with this prayer, without fail.

Some days it is VERY hard to give thanks to God for that, after everything that happened that day:

Death. Sickness. Pain. Broken hearts. Unruly children, and hurt that our children suffer that we cannot do much to salve.

Recognizing God’s infinite Goodness and thanking Him for it is also very hard to remember to do. In our fallen state, we tend to think how wonderful we are when we accomplish or experience something good.

How often do we thank God for this stuff?

Maybe one in ten times, like the lepers in the Gospel. Maybe it takes seven experiences like Naaman in the Jordan.

Shouldn’t we always be thankful, even in our suffering?

This week we read of these and Paul’s suffering, and learn why bad things happen to good people.

And there’s some wisdom in here that deals with that question directly Why does a Good God make bad things happen?

See if you know the answer…

Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith

This week we hear a familiar psalm and a familiar analogy from Jesus.

Does that familiarity breed content or contempt?

Does it increase our faith?

We may be so used to the words of healing from Our Lord that we inadvertently block them from being more than words. Jesus has the words of everlasting life, but we often choose to be deaf to them.

Too busy? Too distracted? Too turned on by politics, news, social media, 15-second videos, even being helpful? Too worried and concerning ourselves about things happening in the world that we can do nothing about? Then our heart is hard.

The mustard seed is all the Lord encourages us to have and give, yet He knows we might only attain a faith the size of a crumb of salt of the earth.

And yet do we aspire to give him even that because of the hardness of our hearts?

This week is all about re-setting, refocusing, and recommitting. Let’s stay focused at Mass, and go forth, living the Gospel by our life!
This allows us to welcome Jesus into our hearts, soften them, and rely on him when we cry out for help – and hear His answer and see His help!

Complacency Kills

Complacency Kills

This week the message in the Mass readings is all about complacency and selfishness..and what it means to be selfless.

Each of the readings continues the message from last week, that we can’t allow the material world to become our idol.

We have to be purposeful in living our faith, focused on God and His Way.

God and Mammon

God and Mammon

Who do we serve?

God and Mammon are our two choices.

There is no third choice, no in-between, and no sitting this one out.

We need to know who and what Mammon is so we can be sure not to choose that.

This week, Amos tells us about cheaters, Paul talks about kings, and Jesus tells us about untrustworthy servants.

it can be a little confusing if we do not know how to connect all of these to each other and our lives.

So, we connect them.

Dive in and get help serving the Right Master!

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All Saints Day – Episode 118

All Saints Day – Episode 118

All Saints Day is the day we celebrate the lives of all of the Saints, and the gift they are to us.

But why?

What is so important about having a generic day to celebrate people we don’t know about?

Don’t we already have a day for the “famous” saints?

Beth and Kristofer explain why Catholics make it a point to celebrate the lives of the Holy Men and Women in Heaven.

The Perils of Halloween – Episode 117

The Perils of Halloween – Episode 117

Is Halloween the Devil’s Holiday?

Is it bad to go trick-or-treating?

In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer discuss “The Perils of Halloween” and what it is as both a secular “holiday” and a Catholic celebration of the Holy Saints.

They answer all of our questions about Halloween, and what we can do and what we shouldn’t do.

It’s a Mystery – Episode 116

It’s a Mystery – Episode 116

What is a Mystery, in the Catholic sense?

We all know the spray-painted, flower-laden, Shaggy-and-Scooby-style whodunit mystery.

But what is a Catholic Mystery?

Beth and Kristofer unmask the meaning behind the word “mystery” and the different Mysteries of the Catholic Faith in this lively episode of On the Road to Perfection!

Angels – Episode 115

Angels – Episode 115

Angels we have heard on high! Or at least heard of from on high.

This episode includes an interruption by the demons from the start – so much so we had to re-record!

Calling out Lucifer, we jump right into giving the etymology of the word “angel,” defining their perfection in true HOO manner.

We talk about the type of beings angels are as well as the type of doing that they do.

We discuss their wings, their appearance in scripture, and their history in art.

We even talk about how they are revealed to us, and answer the question about naming your Guardian Angel.

If you ever wondered how they interact with the demons, Kristofer describes it in a way his party DJ experience can relate to. Need a bouncer?

Oh, and Beth throws a music reference at Kristofer that he doesn’t get right away!

What Are Good Works – Episode 114

What Are Good Works – Episode 114

There is a gnawing question for Catholics and a point of contention Protestants have with us concerning good works.

So, having been asked “What Are Good Works?” by our listener, former Protestant Debra, Beth and I took to the streets to explore the question, the reasoning behind the answer, and that nagging idea about whether or not good works are necessary for our salvation.

Beth points out shortly after we began walking that I did a good work inadvertently – woohoo! – and we finish with pointing out that our brothers and sisters in Christ are actually known for their good works.

And, of course, I have to throw some Monty Python into the mix. – Kristofer

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony – Episode 113

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony – Episode 113

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, Marriage, Nuptials, and the ever-endearing “mawwiage” from The Princess Bride…

However we refer to it, do we truly understand it?

This Sacrament is misunderstood, taken for granted, and completely ignored by many people, but Beth and Kristofer stand up for this extremely important Sacrament.

They explain the importance of it, why we should cherish it, and who needs to be involved in the actual Rite.

And keep an ear out for Beth’s dig at Kristofer – it’s a funny moment that inadvertently proves the point…Sparky!

Watch our 3-5 Minute Video Series!

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

What is Kindness? Is it Niceness? Learn the difference between the two words as well as if Jesus was one, and, if so, which one. Are you a chicken on a june-bug when something ticks you off? Learn how to be kind about everything. When Justice and Mercy are used in all things Kindness just exudes from that. When you are Kind, you are being Truthful; whereas niceness can feed sin and ego. When we practice Kindness, we take them “along side us” as Mom says. Being nice can be sinful if you do it too much, and Kindness is much a symptom of other virtues. It may not get that much air-play, but it is a very important Fruit as all of them are. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

What is the difference between Faithfulness and Faith? Mom and Dad explore this Fruit as we continue in this series.

Faithfulness is Fidelity not Faith. Faithfulness reminds us to not rationalize our actions. When you know God or the Truth, you cannot help but be Faithful. Faithfulness comes from confidence in the fact that God is in our Heart.

Faithfulness is that strength of remaining tied to the Lord.

Fruits of the Spirit: Patience

Fruits of the Spirit: Patience

Presented by Mom and Dad, this episode discusses Patience. What is Patience? Is it true that if you pray for patience God will give you lots of opportunities to practice it? Answers to these questions are addressed as well as the fact that human nature lends itself to stuff being done “our way” as opposed to Patiently waiting for God’s way. Thrown in are a few laughs, and anecdotes, and this will lead you to see the view of patience that Mom and Dad have. -Nathaniel.

Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

What is Peace? Why do we say “Peace be with you” at mass? Mom and Dad answer these question and more in this video that tells us that peace gives us a sense of security in the Lord. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

What is joy? Is it happiness? Why should we have joy? These frequently asked questions are answered in this short video. Join Mom and Dad in this talk about joy, how trust leads to joy, and how joy leads to hope. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Love

Fruits of the Spirit: Love

Mama and Daddy explore the first Fruit of the Spirit that St. Paul mentions in his letter to the Galatians: Love. They explain that Love is a verb that means “sacrifice” and is not an “Ooey-Gooey” feeling, as Dad says. -Nathaniel

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