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This Week’s Mass Warm-Up

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This Week’s Podcast

Religious Education vs Faith Formation – Episode 94

Religious Education vs Faith Formation – Episode 94

What is the difference between Religious Education, Faith Formation, Catechism Class, and CCD?

On the surface, it can appear that they are one and the same;, but there are, in fact, many important differences,

Mom and Dad answer the question and talk about what each of these are and entail – and they have a lot of experience with each of them!

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5th Week of Lent – The Adulteress

5th Week of Lent – The Adulteress

Most likely, you do not want to talk about adultery with your children.

Well, St. John talks about Jesus dealing with it in this week’s Mass Gospel reading, so we figure a little help in explaining things to children would be a good Warm-Up.

The story of Jesus, the Adulteress, and the Crowd lends itself to an inappropriate joke about Mary you have probably heard, and it gives us an opportunity for a hard look at our own sins, let alone the ones we condemn in others.

Jesus gives a matter-of-fact lesson in hating the sin, loving the sinner, and our activity gives you the opportunity for that.

Chances are, you won’t like it, though.

4th Week of Lent – The Prodigal Son

4th Week of Lent – The Prodigal Son

We know this parable forwards and backwards, so why is it every time we hear Jesus’ lesson about the Prodigal Son, it seems we hear something different?

Are we the Prodigal Son? Are we the Faithful Son?

Or are we the Forgiving Father?

This week in a short TWMWU (We are all sick so production is at a standstill!) we explore each of the characters in this story to discover who we are at this point in our lives and to prepare ourselves for who we will be tomorrow.

3rd Week of Lent – God’s Mercy Brings Life

3rd Week of Lent – God’s Mercy Brings Life

Who in the history of the world has ever asked for more work, except the Gardener, who knows that God’s mercy brings life to the world – to us.

We are the fig trees deserving to be uprooted because we steal nutrients from the paradise God has given us. In thought, word, what we have done or failed to do, we deserve to be removed and yet Jesus fertilized our life with His blood, and tends to us always.

This week we ask ourselves a hard question: Can we do this with an invisible Gardener – or is He really there, nurturing us and helping us bear fruit, fruit that we never get to see nourishing others? Are we okay with that?

You may be doing the activity already. If not, we give you reason and permission to, so that the family doesn’t look at you funny when you bring it home.

2nd Week of Lent – The Lord Is My Light

2nd Week of Lent – The Lord Is My Light

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation – or at least that’s what we say. And we say it a lot with this week’s Mass readings!

But do we think about what that means? And do we ever stop to realize how much that concept is truly expressed in the Old Testament, prefiguring and foreshadowing Our Lord?

St. Paul and the Psalmist conspire with the reading from Genesis to set us up for the Transfiguration as shared by Luke this week.

It is a powerful calling for us to see the Great Light and be imitators. But to do so, the Light must first shine in us!

Some helpful questions for discussion around the dinner table or at donuts after Mass, followed by an activity that you already know – or at least you’ll remember!

1st Week of Lent – 40 Days In The Desert

1st Week of Lent – 40 Days In The Desert

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, and that is our model for Lent. Can we spend 40 days there? Yes – and here’s everything you need to do it!

Just add one thing: Jesus!

Whether your first Lent or you want to make this the most meaningful yet; or want to help your loved ones really get into it, this short message gets you going and sticks with you.

The short reflection, discussion, and activity for all ages gives simple yet powerful guidance on not just starting our Lenten journey, but finishing it.

And really check out the activity. We guarantee you’ve never done it before, and we’re pretty sure you’ll recognize how powerful this simple thing can be for this and every Lent!

Hundreds of other searchable Letters Home articles…

The Woman Caught in Adultery- Episode 89

The Woman Caught in Adultery- Episode 89

Jesus tells parables, stumping the great thinkers of Judea, but wait!

They finally have a real-life chance to stump Him by bringing forth the woman caught in adultery.

His answer is profound, just, merciful, and totally his style.

Jesus’ answer to stoning the woman is something that we all need to think about, the answer written in the sand is profound, and an answer that follows the Golden Rule.

The Prodigal Son- Episode 88

The Prodigal Son- Episode 88

The Parable of the Prodigal Son is perhaps the most famous of Jesus’ teachings, and Mama and Daddy take a different look at it this time.

What is the meaning of this Parable? What can we learn from it? And what is the sin of the older brother?

As Mom says, we commit this sin of ingratitude and pride.

We, as baptized Christians, are the older brother in this lesson.

How should we respond to the Prodigal Son’s Homecoming?

The Burning Bush- Episode 87

The Burning Bush- Episode 87

God appearing to Moses in the Burning Bush is a wonderful example of him calling us.

In this episode, Mama and Daddy explore this, with a lot of soul-searching.

Moses, who is one of the most detailed figures in the Bible, is being called by a burning bush to lead God’s people out of slavery and into the Promised Land of milk and honey.

This is all sorts of weird!

If we were approached by God while He was in the form of a Burning Bush, what would we do?

Well guess what? God is not just calling Moses.

Who are we to lead others out of slavery to sin – or even ourselves?

The Transfiguration  – Episode 86

The Transfiguration – Episode 86

The Transfiguration of Jesus is a fascinating event that sometimes gets lost in Peter’s response to it.

But what a wonderfully perfect response!

What does this event reveal to us, and about us?

And why was it kept secret from all of the other Apostles?

In this episode discussing the Gospel reading in this coming Sunday’s Mass, we explore things we do not typically hear in a homily, but experience regularly.

But should we share those experiences? That’s not entirely up to us…

Jesus In The Desert  – Episode 85

Jesus In The Desert – Episode 85

Jesus In The Desert is what we talk about as we charge into Lent.

It happens to be the topic of the Gospel Reading this weekend coming up, too.

What does Jesus’ 40 days in the desert mean to us, to you?

It’s a great question and a different answer for everybody – but a singular theme each of us can relate to.

Welcome to Lent!

Almsgiving During Lent – Episode 84

Almsgiving During Lent – Episode 84

Almsgiving during Lent is our third and final Lenten topic as we prepare for the season.

Almsgiving is another pillar of Lent.

It’s different from Almsgiving during the rest of the year; different than our routine, daily Almsgiving.

We talk about how to do Almsgiving during Lent, and what it’s meaning, purpose, and origin is.

Watch our 3-5 Minute Video Series!

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

What is Kindness? Is it Niceness? Learn the difference between the two words as well as if Jesus was one, and, if so, which one. Are you a chicken on a june-bug when something ticks you off? Learn how to be kind about everything. When Justice and Mercy are used in all things Kindness just exudes from that. When you are Kind, you are being Truthful; whereas niceness can feed sin and ego. When we practice Kindness, we take them “along side us” as Mom says. Being nice can be sinful if you do it too much, and Kindness is much a symptom of other virtues. It may not get that much air-play, but it is a very important Fruit as all of them are. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

What is the difference between Faithfulness and Faith? Mom and Dad explore this Fruit as we continue in this series.

Faithfulness is Fidelity not Faith. Faithfulness reminds us to not rationalize our actions. When you know God or the Truth, you cannot help but be Faithful. Faithfulness comes from confidence in the fact that God is in our Heart.

Faithfulness is that strength of remaining tied to the Lord.

Fruits of the Spirit: Patience

Fruits of the Spirit: Patience

Presented by Mom and Dad, this episode discusses Patience. What is Patience? Is it true that if you pray for patience God will give you lots of opportunities to practice it? Answers to these questions are addressed as well as the fact that human nature lends itself to stuff being done “our way” as opposed to Patiently waiting for God’s way. Thrown in are a few laughs, and anecdotes, and this will lead you to see the view of patience that Mom and Dad have. -Nathaniel.

Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

What is Peace? Why do we say “Peace be with you” at mass? Mom and Dad answer these question and more in this video that tells us that peace gives us a sense of security in the Lord. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

What is joy? Is it happiness? Why should we have joy? These frequently asked questions are answered in this short video. Join Mom and Dad in this talk about joy, how trust leads to joy, and how joy leads to hope. -Nathaniel

Fruits of the Spirit: Love

Fruits of the Spirit: Love

Mama and Daddy explore the first Fruit of the Spirit that St. Paul mentions in his letter to the Galatians: Love. They explain that Love is a verb that means “sacrifice” and is not an “Ooey-Gooey” feeling, as Dad says. -Nathaniel

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