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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 90: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is an important day in the liturgical year, but what is it? Mom and Dad explain the historical context for Palm Sunday; they explain why the Pharisees and the high priests of Jerusalem got mad at Jesus. They tell us why the people would go from laying palm branches before Jesus to screaming “Crucify him! Crucify him!” over the course of a mere 5 days. And they share how we can all better prepare for Easter by making this a truly Holy Week.

The Gospel reading for this Mass is long, and we all feel lightheaded after standing so long. The special participation for us in this Mass can be confusing to me, and I often forget to say “Crucify him! Crucify him!” But why do we utter these condemning words?

We do crucify Jesus, as Dad says, every time we sin. Sin is choosing material possessions over Christ. One day, we’re all pious and right, the next we’re talking bad about our boss. Like the Jews when they first welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and then proceeded to tell Pilate to hang him on a cross.

Palm Sunday is much like graduation, in the sense, that we are preparing for the next stage. In this case, we are preparing for the Triduum and Passion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. What else happened on Good Friday? Jesus redeemed us in our fallen state.

Remember that God has triumphed over death and given us the opportunity to spend eternity in His glory. He paid THE price for that, and we owe it to him to say “Thank You,” every step of the way toward our own perpetual presence in His Holy Glory.

Jesus, be my distraction!