What is the difference between lust and love?

During this “season of Valentines” Beth and Kristofer cover this (often unknowingly) confusing and vitally important topic before we dive headlong into the pink and roses and hearts and whatnot.

Beth and Kristofer share how to tell the difference between lust and love, and how to teach that to impressionable minds and hearts.

And they do this in the context of Mortal Sin and Theological Virtue: Lust and Love, respectively.

They also, right out of the gate, point to Nick’s seven-part series about Love as a great resource on our web site for this discussion, which is linked to in the show notes.

Living in this world, but not of it, is difficult, and Beth and Kristofer offer us some pointers on how to do that, particularly in this day and age.

And, no, there is no inappropriate or “parental discretion advised” content in this episode.

But they do get attacked by a tree!