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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 32: Peace

We are always dealing with strife and sometimes it can be difficult for us to see beyond the uncertain now, when we do we often see an uncertain future. However, like when Dad left the hostile work environment, he was able to experience peace. Peace from God is the only type we can have, so as long as we put our faith in God and do our part for His plan, we will have this peace. The future may still seem a little rocky, but if we know we are doing our part, we will have peace. How will we know we have it? Well, maybe it’s when we’re singing songs on the radio as we leave behind a huge chunk of our income!

It is indeed difficult to have peace in our busy world, even children deal with the stress over school, sports, peer pressure, and parental approval. Spouses stress about whether their being the best spouse they can be. Friends wonder if that last comment may have been too snide. Help each other out by learning more about peace. Our Fruits of the Spirit video on peace covers the topic in a shorter amount of time and offers some ways to help others grow in the fruit.

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