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HOO 100

From: $100.00 / month

Help our little organization every month in a big way with a tax deductible, HOO 100 recurring monthly donation that helps us maintain stability and predictability while we are “Helping Anyone Grow in Their Catholic Faith.” Thank you!

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We use Square for our credit card processing, and WooCommerce for our portal here on the web site. Both of these are giants in the eCommerce industry with impeccable records for keeping transaction data secure, private, and deleted once the transaction is complete. You are probably familiar with Square at retail locations - those are the white terminals they swipe your card on and if you've had your card swiped on a smartphone it was probably using Square. We do NOT save any of your credit card information on this web site or in our possession at all - that all goes directly to the Square servers and they just let us know if the charge clears so that you can get a receipt and a thank you from us.

Your browser should show a little lock near the address bar, showing that our site is secure with SSL encryption technology. You can also tell that we are secure because our address starts with "https://". Most likely your credit card company would deny the charge if we did not have the appropriate security features in place.

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All donations to Holy Owned and Operated are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Thank you for considering donating to Holy Owned and Operated. This is what we're relying on now to meet the basic operating costs of Holy Owned and Operated. The Hoo 100 Donation Program is where the rubber meets the road. While the HOO 100 Program is founded on the strength of our $100 donations and we absolutely depend on those for our stability in this uncertain world, there are larger amounts and levels of participation that you can choose. Each has a separate description of the benefits to you and the impact to The Church that level of donation will have.

If you would like to donate regularly but prefer different timing (quarterly or annually, for example), please contact us and we will make those personal arrangements for you. Thank you!

For recurring monthly donations in an amount less than $100, please DONATE HERE, or you can click on HOOt below.

If you would like to make a one-time donation of s custom amount you choose, you can do that here: DONATE ONCE, or you can click on HOOt below.

We add all donors to our family prayer book and pray intentionally for you in perpetuity every night during our family prayer time. Thank you so much for your consideration and generosity!

In addition to your recept for your donation, you will receive the necessary information at the end of each year outlining your total donations and including our tax identification number. These are also available at anytime when you request them.

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HOO 100 Monthly Donation

$100, $250, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000


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