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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 122: Raising Kids In These Times

Raising Kids In These Times is HARD! How do we do it? How do we raise our children to be in this word but not of it? What is the secret? Is there a formula, a road map, a sequence of strategies and tactics? In this episode we continue our discussion inadvertently begun a couple of weeks ago, focusing on kids and what they and we have to deal with, and how to handle it. How different is it from the past? And, yes, there is a formula, which we gladly share!

While Beth and Kristofer don’t have any surefire gameplan for raising kids in these time, they do, however, offer insights into the perspective we need to take when raising children. Beth and Kristofer remind us that it is important to keep in mind that children always have the question of “why” and that we need to have an answer to that question. They explain how it it’s not so much about raising kids in these times as much as it is raising kids in a world of sin.

Children see their parents as the God figure in their life, and build their understanding of God on how parents treat them. Beth and Kristofer talk about how this is a big responsibility parents have for their children, and we have to be saintly ourselves if we want to raise our children as saints.

Here is our episode on Moral Relativism. You can also check out our This Week’s Mass Warm Up to stay prepared for the Mass and any questions your children may have!

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