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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 162: Relics

Instigated by a question from our oldest son, we dive into the macabre! Not really, but Kristofer has some issues with the idea of venerating body parts. Fortunately, Beth has the more reasoned approach that the Church has, and Kristofer winds up understanding, but not on-board. Relics are hard to understand, and the venerating of them is not a requirement to be Catholic. It’s a practice that is encouraged if it will help an individual focus on Jesus. The saints are saints in large part because they point us to The Lord, and those relics are meant to help us do the same. We define relics and explain what veneration is in this episode.

We discuss our experience with relics, as well as the practices in our own community. which has two at two separate parishes. We share our experiences throughout the years and country when we’ve visited and experienced relics. We discuss the meaning behind “first class” and “second class” relics, and get into the comparison of religious approach to them and the historical approach to physical pieces of historical figures and items from their lives.

Relics can be useful, and they can be confusing. What is important is what matters to the individual and how they approach themto aid them in being closer to Jesus Christ. If you are still confused after this, feel free to blame Kristofer!

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