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The Mass Rocks of Ireland

A gift to us becomes a gift to you!

Christendom College is a robust and seriously Catholic Liberal Arts College nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in Front Royal, Virginia. Their Principles magazine is a great, and free, look at Catholicism in the current culture and prescient in its content. Christendom is worth a serious look as you ponder your child’s future education. This video came to us as subscribers to Principles, and we found it so moving, particularly in this time of pandemic, that we wanted to share it with you as permanently as possible, instead of in a blog or social media post that got pushed to the bottom of a page. Be sure to read our text beneath the video to make sure you get more of what Christendom has to offer, and to read the poem Dr. O’Donnell recites.

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Holy Owned and Operated does not own this video. We did not create it and do not claim any creative rights. This video is embedded from Vimeo, where the copyright owner has published it, indicating an open license to share. We have placed it here so that our visitors can have a reliable link as time goes on and we ask that you visit the original Christendom College posting, “The Mass Rocks of Ireland” and seriously consider subscribing to their service directly. You will not be disappointed!

Christendom College
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Letters Home

Good News for All People

Good News for All People

Jesus comes with His message for ALL people, even those whom we think don’t deserve it, or are different from us.

In reality, we are all the same, human beings, sinners, who need a Savior.

Read on to learn how we can support, live and share in the mission of Christ, spreading the Good News to all people.

Focus on Jesus

Focus on Jesus

Focus is difficult in our over-stimulating society. Focus on Jesus can be even more difficult. In order to focus on Jesus, we have to either be very disciplined to ignore the distractions, or remove the distractions. This week’s readings give us insight into the amazing ways Jesus will work in our lives if we focus on Him.

Transfiguration of Christ

Transfiguration of Christ

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ our Lord is an annual feast in its own right.

We also hear this Gospel account on the Second Sunday of every Lent.

So twice a year we are given an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ Divine nature that He invites us to share in.

How can we respond to this invitation?

What does that mean to us?

Holy Owned and Operated has several reflections to help answer these questions and more!