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The Mass Rocks of Ireland

A gift to us becomes a gift to you!

Christendom College is a robust and seriously Catholic Liberal Arts College nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in Front Royal, Virginia. Their Principles magazine is a great, and free, look at Catholicism in the current culture and prescient in its content. Christendom is worth a serious look as you ponder your child’s future education. This video came to us as subscribers to Principles, and we found it so moving, particularly in this time of pandemic, that we wanted to share it with you as permanently as possible, instead of in a blog or social media post that got pushed to the bottom of a page. Be sure to read our text beneath the video to make sure you get more of what Christendom has to offer, and to read the poem Dr. O’Donnell recites.

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Holy Owned and Operated does not own this video. We did not create it and do not claim any creative rights. This video is embedded from Vimeo, where the copyright owner has published it, indicating an open license to share. We have placed it here so that our visitors can have a reliable link as time goes on and we ask that you visit the original Christendom College posting, “The Mass Rocks of Ireland” and seriously consider subscribing to their service directly. You will not be disappointed!

Christendom College
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Letters Home

The LORD Has Revealed to the Nations His Saving Power

The LORD Has Revealed to the Nations His Saving Power

Worms in Heaven? WHAT?!?!

How did it feel to have God break up with you, sorta? What did Jews feel, or did they consider, when Jesus opened up Heaven for those who “fear him and act uprightly,” as Peter says in the first reading this week?

This week, we try to understand that feeling so that we can understand the precious gift we have in our relationship with God and His presence in the Eucharist – and how easily we can find ourselves feeling abandoned by God when it is us who are abandoning Him constantly in this world of exile.

Maybe we are the worms…

Oh! And May the Fourth be with you!

Spirit in Life: Concluding the Fruits of the Spirit

Spirit in Life: Concluding the Fruits of the Spirit

Mom and Dad summarize the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in this episode. As well as a paragraph from the catechism. No fruit can be external without being internal. Just like any orchard, or tree, we need to cultivate it. -Nathaniel

Glorify The Lord By Your Life

Glorify The Lord By Your Life

This week we learn about the three parts of being a Disciple. These are simple to explain to children, and practice ourselves.

It doesn’t require anything of us that we aren’t already. Being a Disciple is us being and doing who and what we are, and glorifying The Lord by that life which He gave us.

Also this week, we have a podcast episode connected with this week’s readings that is fun and interactive that the whole family can listen to as a refresher on How to Be a Disciple.