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The Mass Rocks of Ireland

A gift to us becomes a gift to you!

Christendom College is a robust and seriously Catholic Liberal Arts College nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in Front Royal, Virginia. Their Principles magazine is a great, and free, look at Catholicism in the current culture and prescient in its content. Christendom is worth a serious look as you ponder your child’s future education. This video came to us as subscribers to Principles, and we found it so moving, particularly in this time of pandemic, that we wanted to share it with you as permanently as possible, instead of in a blog or social media post that got pushed to the bottom of a page. Be sure to read our text beneath the video to make sure you get more of what Christendom has to offer, and to read the poem Dr. O’Donnell recites.

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Holy Owned and Operated does not own this video. We did not create it and do not claim any creative rights. This video is embedded from Vimeo, where the copyright owner has published it, indicating an open license to share. We have placed it here so that our visitors can have a reliable link as time goes on and we ask that you visit the original Christendom College posting, “The Mass Rocks of Ireland” and seriously consider subscribing to their service directly. You will not be disappointed!

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What Does Ephphatha Mean? Be Opened!

What Does Ephphatha Mean? Be Opened!

Open up! This week’s readings point to the absolute Truth of Jesus being the Messiah. And this is the only place it happens in Scripture! Well, at least it is the icing on a pretty big cake of that Truth…

Jesus does something this week He does not do anywhere else in the Gospels. You gotta hear it to believe it!

This week we answer the question, “What does “ephphatha mean?” and so much more. In fact, you get to know how to pronounce it, why it is so important to our Catholic faith, and what it means to all of us!

Be opened by thes scripture readings that are so entwined we can’t help but know they are from God!

And learn a bit about Old and New Testament geography while you are at it!

Our activity this week is simple yet profound, and the follow-up activity really places us in the moment we should always be in: Open.

Be Doers of the Word

Be Doers of the Word

Being Catholic is a good start. Doing Catholic is where the supernatural happens.

This week’s readings call us to be Christ-like, which is the very essence of being a Saint.

This Sunday at Mass we are called to DO more than just HEAR the Word. It seems we can get into a habit of hearing the readings and listening to the nice homily and then go about our business. But when we are at donuts after Mass, are we even talking about the good things that we heard – let alone doing something about it?

The last words we hear at Mass are the deacon or priest telling us, “Hey, Mass is over. Go do something with what you just heard!” Okay, maybe not exactly in those words – but certainly with that meaning!

This week’s activity is a deeper discussion maybe you can have at the donut shop after Mass. And if you want to go deeper, there’s a follow-up activity that defines what a word we use all the time really means, and a couple of Saints who were great Doers of the Word.

When we are Doers of the Word we are authentic Catholics.

Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness

Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness

Mom and dad explore the fruit of Gentleness. How is Mary related to Gentleness? Gentleness is probably the easiest Fruit to understand. Gentleness is having a soft touch in our truthfulness. In Gentleness we are called to “speak the Truth in Love”

It is the manifestation of the Golden Rule. We don’t know someone’s story. we don’t know where they came are coming from or where it is going. It’s one of those Fruits that we can “Fake it ’till i make it” -Nathaniel