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What is Pentecost?

A special supplement to This Weeks Free Thing: Pentecost in 2 Minutes

What is Pentecost? In this short Pentecost video we share the basics so you can share them with your family in an easy-to-remember way. We encourage you to watch the vdieo together, and check out the lessons below the video from This Week’s Free Thing, our weekly Mass lessons delivered free to your email inbox every week. Just sign up below!

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More “What is Pentecost?” and Holy Spirit Resources


The Holy Spirit We Profess-low

The Holy Spirit We Profess

Exploring our belief in the Holy Spirit using the Nicene Creed, Sacred Scripture, and Sacred Tradition.

Video Series

Front view of white dowv representing the Holy Spirit landing with wings outstretched with glowing light rays coming from the right behind and above it. The words Spitit in Life are in red superimposed above the aoustretched wings.

Spirit in Life:
Exploring the Holy Spirit

This series of 5-minute videos about the manifestations of the Holy Spirit gives older family members the knowledge and tools to pass along the information to their younger members in a way that engages them. Teaching young children about the Holy Spirit is important and the relationship a child develops with the Holy Spirit can bare amazing fruit in their lives. Each short episode gives you a brief insights into the Fruits, Gifts, and Virtues and provide accompanying podcast-length discussions with each.

Take this link to just explore the Fruits of The Spirit.


Cover image of the On The Road to Perfection Episode 44 titled Pentecost. A husband and wife, Kristofer and Beth Cpwles, holding hands walking away from the camera on the street toward a church.

Episode 44:
What is Pentecost

What is Pentecost? Why do we celebrate it? In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Mama and Daddy talk about this multi-faceted feast of the Church. It is the Church’s birthday, but it’s also the confirmation day of the Apostles. Mama and Daddy will give you a better understanding of Pentecost!

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Letters Home

One Body in Christ

One Body in Christ

We are One Body in Christ – One body, many parts. Okay, so we understand that because we hear it all the time, and we even sing hymns about it.

But what does that really mean? And what does it mean to us individually?

This week we warm-up for Mass by digging in and getting to know ourselves better by coming at our roles and vocations – which are different things! – from a different perspective.

And we give you permission to stop doing what you are doing in the Church, because it may actually be a bad thing for you right now!

Our activity is pretty straightforward. But if you don’t get through the discussion, you won’t even look at the activity.

Are you up to the challenge of this week’s Mass warm-up?

We dare you. Beware: It might change you!

Glory to God

Glory to God

Glory to God in the highest! Glory be to God! Glory Hallelujah! Good glory…what is all this “glory”?

In English, we use this one word so much, while the original languages of the Bible use many different words for different types of glory. In this week’s readings, we see the glory of God manifested in Jesus, who shows us how to glorify the Lord – give glory to Him – by His example, which glorifies Him. Wow!

Wrapping up this week’s TWMWU, we look at how we can “glorify The Lord by our lives.” That’s a familiar phrase, isn’t it? This week, find out where it comes from and what to do about it.

Grace Revealed, Grace Received

Grace Revealed, Grace Received

The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord gives us the opportunity to learn about our own Baptism and the sanctifying grace we receive.

But what is sanctifying grace? And what is actual grace?

This week we explore these very important topics through the Mass readings, and learn to understand more about the indelible mark on our soul that reveals us as chosen by God and never abandoned by Him.

We look at the Sacraments and how they continually offer and provide for us that grace to be in union and communion with God – and each other!

The activity gives us an opportunity to practice that communion, and includes a free, downloadable wallet card suitable for all ages.


The Holy Spirit and answers to what is Pentecost are everywhere. Here are a few good Catholic Resources:


The coat of. His coat of arms displays three charges on a blue field. In reference to Francis being a Jesuit, the uppermost charge is the emblem of the Society of Jesus.The emblem is composed of a Sun radiant, within which is the IHS christogram (a monogram of the Holy Name of Jesus) in red, with a red cross surmounting the H and three black nails below the H. Below the Jesuit emblem is an eight-pointed star, the star being a long-standing symbol of the Virgin Mary, and a spikenard representing Saint Joseph. In Hispanic iconographic tradition Saint Joseph is often depicted with a branch of spikenard in his hand. arms of Pope FrancisFull text of the homily for Pentecost Sunday…
Pope Francis
“When the Paraclete comes, whom I will send to you from the Father…” (Jn 15:26). With these words, Jesus promises to send his disciples the Holy Spirit, the ultimate gift, the gift of gifts. He uses an unusual and mysterious word to describe the Spirit: Paraclete. Today let us reflect on this word, which is not easy to translate, for it has a number of meanings. Essentially, it means two things: Comforter and Advocate.

A headshot of Monsignor Charles Pope, Catholic priest, caucasian with male=pattern baldness, glasses,trimmed beard and mustache and a smile.“I have come to cast a fire on the earth” — A homily for Pentecost Sunday..
Msgr. Charles Pope

What a wondrous and challenging feast we celebrate at Pentecost! A feast like this challenges us because it puts to the lie a lazy, sleepy, hidden, and tepid Christian life. The Lord Jesus said to the apostles, I have come to cast a fire on the earth (Luke 12:49). This is a feast about fire, a transformative, refining, purifying fire that the Lord wants to kindle in us…