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A Complete Saint Joseph Vacation Bible School Kit

Teach his life and virtues in this cowboy-style Saint Joseph Vacation Bible School. A complete 102-page kit and free access to our VBS forum and daily theme integration into every activity station (even snacks and games!) makes this your go to solution to celebrate the Year of St, Joseph. This is a digital download immediately available upon purchase.


Not Your Average Joe Logo for the Saint Joseph Vacation Bible School from Holy Owned and Operated. With a leather patch background and lasso, it conveys the cowboy theme with the word JOE prominent and a cowboy hat with a halo around it hanging on the letter J.

Rounding up the Virtues with St. Joseph

A Catholic St. Joseph VBS*

Ages: 4 years old through 6th Grade

Family/Evening options Included

Duration: 5 Days | 3 hours per day

Music: Open source, open license, public domain

$64.98 Pre-Order until May 1, 2021
$99.98 Regular Price after May 1, 2021

[*Protestant Trinitarian denominations should find this program simple to modify, accommodate, and implement]

What’s Included

Put on your boots and hats for a Ranching Round Up with Cowboy Joe and his namesake in this  St. Joseph VBS!

Cowboy Joe teaches the children of your parish about his favorite Saint in this St. Joseph Vacation Bible School and how he works hard to live the virtues like him. Join Joe and his cowboy buddies around the ranch to learn about Courage, Obedience, Prudence, Justice, and Faith.

Each day begins with Praise and Worship and a lesson from Cowboy Joe (or Cowgirl Jo*), followed by splitting up into small groups (grouped by age or multi-age groups, or families, whichever works best for your parish!) to head out onto the range for stories, games, crafts, snacks, skits, and more!

*Cowboy Joe or Cowgirl Jo are integral parts of the initial setup lesson for the day, and is played by a member of the VBS team.

Sample Program Elements

A sample of the elements of the St. Joseph VBS, Not Your Average Joe!.

Each activity integrates with the overall theme for the day, with included notes for each leader to help keep the theme in the hearts and minds of the children as they move throughout the day.

Lessons about St. Joseph

Joseph Dreams (Virtue of Obedience)

Joseph Works (Virtues of Prudence and Work)

Joseph’s Faith (Virtue of Faith)

Joseph’s Courage (Virtue of Courage)

Just Joseph (Virtue of Justice)


Sleeping St. Joseph (Obedience)

Wood House Picture Frame (Prudence and Work)

God’s Eyes (Faith)

Carpenter Nail Crosses (Courage)

Wooden Tops (Justice)

Snacks (with St. Joseph Virtue Lesson integration)

Comfort Foods (Obedience)

Graham Cracker Houses (Prudence and Work)

Pretzel and Cheese Campfires (Faith)

Trail Mix and Animal Crackers (Courage)

S’mores (Justice)

Games with St. Joseph Virtue Integration

Ranch Boss, May I? (Obedience)

Carpentry Relay (Prudence and Work)

Set the Altar (Faith)

King Herod, May We Cross the Desert? (Courage)

Wild West Rodeo (Justice)

And more, all age-adustable!

Skits teaching the virtues of St. Joseph

The Father’s Will (Obedience)

Rattlesnake! (Prudence)

Jesus Goes to Cowboy Camp (Faith)

Strike out: Stand up or Walk Away? (Courage)

Wild West Revue (All Virtues)



St. Joseph VBS Forum Access

ALL purchasers get free access to our Saint Joseph VBS community forum to ask questions and share ideas with each other and get advice from HOO staff! Access is granted to volunteer leaders, too!

Tax exempt purchasers must provide tax exemption certification upon request.

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