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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 11: Stewardship – How

Wrapping up this 3 mile stroll, we conclude our discussion about Stewardship. We share some stories about how to encourage stewardship in our family and our own lives. We talk about our experiences early in our marriage, careful to not imply a “prosperity gospel” approach to our relationship with The Lord, but instead a trust in what we already know and believe about God’s love for us. We talk about concrete evidence of God’s faithfulness and generosity. We share how stewardship grants grace and reward at all times, including a redux of our first story happening this very day we recorded this episode.

Stewardship is submission to The Lord’s will in its most concrete reality in our own lives. The miracles are all around us as undeniable proof.

And if you are inclined to include us in your stewardship plan, we are glad to help you serve The Lord in that way. Just go to Thank you!

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